Below is a list of the top and leading Endocrinologists in Melbourne. To help you find the best Endocrinologists located near you in Melbourne, we put together our own list based on this rating points list.

Melbourne’s Best Endocrinologists:

The top-rated Endocrinologists in Melbourne are:

  • Endocrinology Melbourne – provides specialist endocrinology consulting services
  • Dr. Ada Cheung – a leading specialist endocrinologist in Melbourne
  • Dr. Jason Galanos – provides exceptional modern specialist care
  • Melbourne Thyroid & Endocrine Centre ­– consists of the best endocrinologists in Melbourne
  • Dr. Phillip Wong – highly experienced in treating diabetes and hormone problems

Endocrinology Melbourne

best endocrinologists in melbourne

Endocrinology Melbourne provides specialist endocrinology advice. Their team is composed of nine endocrinologists. They also have a diabetes educator on board. Their expert dietician is also ready to help you in their consulting rooms.

They provide expert assessment and management services. They also ensure that you receive the best in monitoring and ongoing care. Your endocrine disorders will be expertly handled by this team. In fact, their doctors are connected to tertiary referral centers and the University of Melbourne. Truly, they are a one-of-a-kind team.


Comprehensive and Detailed Assessments, Telehealth Consulting Rooms, Short Waiting Times


Address: 76 Edwin St, Heidelberg Heights VIC 3081
Phone: (3) 9459 4415


“I was initially a little anxious about my condition however both the Endocrinologist and the Diabetes Educator were exceptional! They were empathetic and clear, they helped me fully understand my condition and provided me strategies that I now use to manage T2 Diabetes. Exceptional care and professionalism.” – K. C.

Dr. Ada Cheung

Dr. Ada Cheung's website

Dr. Ada Cheung is a known specialist in endocrinology. She provides services to every corner in Australia. Her comprehensive and accessible endocrine care is much sought after. Additionally, she uses state-of-the-art equipment. It is no wonder that she was a top medical student back in her day. Additionally, she has earned many awards.

Aside from being a doctor, she is also a tutor and lecturer. She spends her time at the University of Melbourne Medical school where she also supervises. She is an active member of the Endocrine Society of Australia and the Australian Diabetes Society. Moreover, she is committed to the not-for-profit sector.


Care for Diabetes, Thyroid Diseases, and more


Address: Suite 3/10 Martin St, Heidelberg VIC 3084
Phone: (3) 9457 4445


“Dr. Cheung is incredible and I can’t speak highly enough of her services, knowledge, attitudes, and atmosphere she provides. She holds an extremely approachable manner and is beyond understanding, supportive, and enthusiastic in everything she does. I sure feel so glad I have found such a warm yet professional Endocrinologist that I can truly trust. 100% recommend!” – Elijah David

Dr. Jason Galanos

Dr. Jason Galanos' website

Dr. Jason Galanos is another trusted endocrinologist. He provides exceptional modern specialist care. He devotes his time to his full-time private practice in his clinic. Truly, Dr. Galanos specializes in care for a variety of metabolic and hormonal disorders.

He has a keen interest in all aspects of endocrinology. Particularly, in the use of pumps and other technologies. He also looks into the management of diabetic patients. Additionally, he and his team assure you of excellent health care services. He guarantees that you will achieve your health goals.


Care for Diabetes, Adrenal Diseases, Thyroid Diseases, and more


Address: Suite 5, Level 4/55 Victoria Parade, Fitzroy VIC 3065
Phone: (3) 9417 0094


“I’ve had Hashimoto disease for many years and had no results until I was referred to Dr. Jason Galanos. He is the reason I am feeling better. I would highly recommend him.
Thank you, Dr Jason Galanos, keep up the wonderful work you do.” – Joanne Foti

Melbourne Thyroid & Endocrine Centre

another endocrinology clinic in melbourne

Melbourne Thyroid & Endocrine Centre is a trusted name. Their team is composed of the most sought-after endocrinologists in the city. You will meet nothing less than expert physicians. Their dedicated team offers full assessments. At the same time, they use an integrated multidisciplinary approach.

Firstly, they have Dr. Simon Forehan. He is the medical director of the Melbourne Thyroid Center. Secondly, they have Dr. Sarah Price on board. She is their expert consultant in endocrinology. Thirdly, Dr. Mark Pace is also a part of their team. He specializes in treatment for thyroid cancer. Additionally, they have Dr. Jennifer Woo. She specializes in nuclear medicine.


Care for Diabetes, Metabolic Bone Disorders, Thyroid Cancer, and more


Address: Suite 55, Ground Floor, Isabella St, Malvern VIC 3144
Phone: (3) 9326 3066


“appointment he took the time to talk to me, helped changed my mindset towards everything and because of him I have changed habits and couldn’t be happier or healthier. Can never thank you enough Simon for all you have done for me! Highly recommend!!!” – Megan Kasulaitis

Dr. Phillip Wong

Dr. Phillip Wong in Melbourne

Dr. Phillip Wong definitely deserves a spot on this list. He is also a well-known endocrinologist. In fact, he is a graduate of the University of Melbourne. He completed his specialist training in different hospitals. Particularly, he received his training in Royal Shore Hospital, St. Vincent’s Hospital, and Monash Health.

He is highly experienced in treating diabetes and thyroid disorders. He also caters to patients who have specific hormone problems. Dr. Wong believes in a holistic approach to medical care. Truly, he always accommodates patients who need urgent care. You are ensured that you will receive treatment in a timely manner.


Care in Diabetes, Hormone Disorders, Thyroid Disorders, and more


Address: 800 Mt Alexander Rd, Moonee Ponds VIC 3039
Phone: (3) 9370 9329


“I saw Dr. Wong for a 2nd opinion about my osteoporosis. My husband and I had lots of questions and Dr. Wong answered all of them thoroughly and patiently. I really appreciated his attention to detail and that put our mind at ease that everything possible was being done. Very grateful indeed… thank you.” – Janice Lane