Below is a list of the top and leading Pottery Shops in Newcastle. To help you find the best Pottery Shops located near you in Newcastle, we put together our own list based on this rating points list.

Newcastle’s Best Pottery Shops:

The top-rated Pottery Shops in Newcastle are:

  • A.A. Kilns Pty Ltd – an all Australian kiln company
  • Newcastle Studio Potters Inc. – a group of dedicated ceramic artists
  • Jenny’s Painted Pots – a fun place to let your imagination go wild
  • Keane Ceramics – offers clays and other ceramic tools
  • Brookvale Ceramic Studio – a premier ceramic and pottery studio

A.A. Kilns Pty Ltd

AAK pottery in newcastle

A.A. Kilns Pty Ltd is an all Australian kiln company. They have more than 40 years of experience. In fact, they are a big name in the manufacture of kilns for your pottery needs.

They have an extensive range of equipment. These items can be found on their website. They have excellent pottery wheels and grommets. They also offer state-of-the-art furnaces. However, all their items aren’t listed on their website. This is why you should give them a call today! You may find the perfect kiln to make perfect pots.


Kilns, Furnaces, Controllers, Pottery Wheels


Address: 8/50 Medcalf St, Warners Bay NSW 2282
Phone: (2) 4956 5211


“What a wonderful place? I was able to purchase the Tetlow kilns that I was looking for. Thank you!” – Sam K.

Newcastle Studio Potters Inc.

best pottery stores found in newcastle

Newcastle Studio Potters Inc. offers the best ceramics. Its team is composed of dedicated ceramic artists. The store has a well-equipped shop as well. Additionally, they have a gallery that customers will surely enjoy.

Develop your creativity with them! They offer the best potter classes in town. Learn about the art of making pots. You may even learn how to make sculptures and other artistic pieces. Just give them a call today. Members will receive special packages too. Check out their website to learn more.


Pots, Ceramics, Workshops


Address: 57 Bull St, Cooks Hill NSW 2300
Phone: (2) 4929 3677


“Always full of wonderful, hand made ceramics” – Lynda Gibbins

Jenny’s Painted Pots

jenny's painted pots in newcastle

Jenny’s Painted Pots is the place to be. Here, you will let your creativity go wild. At the same time, you’ll get to meet new friends who share the same interests as you.

More importantly, they provide excellent ceramics. You will see that they have an extensive collection of items. Their pots will definitely catch your eye. It is highly recommended that you schedule a booking before you visit. This is because their shop is always buzzing with customers. They also offer kids’ parties. Truly, this is a safe haven for those who love potter and ceramics.


Pots, Ceramics, Workshops, Parties


Address: Shop 5/11-13 Avalon Parade, Avalon Beach NSW 2107
Phone: (405) 271 351


“Great, friendly painting shop. Lots of options to paint and helpful staff. Watch the opening times as it’s only open in the afternoon. Also if there’s a party it gets very busy, best to phone before you turn up.” – Dan Powrie

Keane Ceramics

keane ceramics in newcastle

Keane Ceramics is conveniently located on the scenic Central Coast. It is a company that has been established for over 30 years. They offer a wide range of clay and other ceramic tools.

This is a well-loved family-run company. Their years of industry experience really stands out. This is evident in their extensive inventory.  Their customer service is always top-notch as well. They offer over 25 types of clay and casting clips. Truly, there is so much to find in their store. Head on out for a visit!


Clay, Ceramic Tools, and more


Address: 177 Debenham Rd S, Somersby NSW 2250
Phone: (2) 4340 1069


“Most friendly people with a lovely fluffy labradoodle 🙂 Always quality products with reasonable prices, on-time delivery with quality customer service. No hesitation in recommending them to any ceramist.” – Baris Gunner

Brookvale Ceramic Studio

brookvale pottery in newcastle

Brookvale Ceramic Studio makes the list’s final cut. It is a premier ceramic and potter studio. They also have been in business for over 30 years. Additionally, they offer classes and workshops for those who love the craft.

Moreover, they’re the largest supplier of Mayco products in Australia. You can count on their staff for extensive knowledge on their items.  Their classes cater to all ages and skill levels. You might interest yourself in enrolling in one. This family-owned business is truly well-loved in their community.


Ceramics, Workshops, Classes


Address: 11/9 Powells Rd, Brookvale NSW 2100
Phone: (2) 9905 0264


“Most helpful and encouraging staff I’ve come across as a beginner in ceramics. Special mention to Adam who has helped me restore a 30+-year-old Kraus wheel back to new and assisting me with restoring a Woodrow Kiln to start my studio at home. Always feel welcome and looked after here thank you so much for enabling me.” – Robyn Turner