There’s nothing quite like the unique look and feel a well-placed rug can have for an interior space. While some people may consider it as an after-thought or not consider it at all, the vast majority of homeowners are always looking for a little creative and comfortable edge to give their space.

In Australia, there are many, many rug retailers and suppliers that offer all sorts of caveats and unique experiences. There are so many in fact that there is always a chance that the better-quality suppliers will be lost in a sea of inferior competitors.

The following rug suppliers were chosen based on range, pricing, service, and reputation.

3 Best Rug Suppliers in Australia

#1 The Rug LadyAustralia best rug supplier

The Rug Lady has an eclectic and exclusive-laden collection of rugs in their supply chain. They’ve been in the industry for over 20 years and have perfected the customer service angle that separates them so steadily from their competitors. Offering a diverse range of different sizes and materials that suit basically any situation effectively.

Their edge resides in their service, offering personalised assistance in their showroom as well as having their fingers on the pulse of the latest trends in the world of rugs.

#2 Unitex InternationalSupplier of rugs Australia

Unitex International have been servicing the city for years, starting as a humble family enterprise in 1991, slowly building a large and diverse range of hardworking employees and a long list of clients.

Their 11,000 square foot warehouse facility in Alexandria should speak for itself, especially when you consider the competitors in the market. With 300,000 rugs ready to ship to Australia, you’re hard pressed to find a superior supplier in the city.

#3 Designer RugsRug supplier Australia

Designer Rugs rounds out the list with a more niche and focused paradigm of rugs available. Being a designer focused enterprise, the team at Designer Rugs have solidified their presence in the landscape by offering a smaller and more sophisticated range of rugs for purchase.

Their designs are incredibly alluring and one-of-a-kind, ensuring that the decadent tastes of those who want an extra edge for their rugs are satisfied accordingly.