Astor Legal is a law firm based in Parramatta who covers a broad range of criminal law areas. Defending those accused of a variety of crimes including drink driving cases to bail applications, they cover it all. Each case is treated with care and confidence and solicitors work diligently with determination to achieve the best possible outcome for their defendants.

Their team consists of top criminal lawyers as well as ex-criminal prosecutors, so they know how the system works very well and the best way to defend against it. A tailored approach is used for each individual case in order to create an approach using knowledge of police resources, extensive courtroom experience and the knowledge of the prosecutor’s likely course of action to create the best defence possible.

These factors put Astor Legal’s defendants at a competitive advantage over others represented by different firms, and ensures they will achieve the best probably outcome for their case. The solicitors at Astor Legal are experts when it comes to criminal law and traffic law, and have been praised in some of the country’s biggest cases.

Furthermore, they represent clients at the local courts regularly, meaning they are well aware of the judges and magistrates who reside there and will be able to tailor your case to whoever is presiding over it which can help to achieve a more favourable outcome. Astor Legal is definitely a good choice for all matters criminal and traffic related.

Astor Legal – Reviews

These reviews are selected from Google:

“Highly recommend Astor Legal. Simply phenomenal from start to finish.
I contacted Astor Legal for a second opinion on a legal matter and received a call back within 10 minutes. I met John Marsh to discuss the issue the next day. I was very impressed with his knowledge and his advice on the matter and without any hesitation I decided to choose him to represent me. He kept me updated during the process and he was available to answer my questions anytime.
He built a very strong defence strategy and tackled all the issues in a professional manner. He went above and beyond, he did everything he could and we achieved a great outcome.
Many thanks John and Astor Legal team” – Lid

“Astor Legal and their team and absolute professional, to the point and very smart lawyers who without wasting your and their time will guide you to the right direction. Their knowledge dealing with traffic related matter and other subject is quite vast and the last thing I would say they were really really helpful. I would recommend them to anyone who want first class legal services and I would definitely will come back if I have to deal any legalities in future.A++++++” – Mohammed

“Astor legal team provides a very professional service.I will recommend them to anybody without doubt.Specially Avinash Singh is a very good and well reputed lawyer who did an excellant job in my case.Even Judge praised him for good preparation and excellant presentation of facts.” – Isuru

“I would like to thank Monique and John for having such a great support system and for all their time, effort, knowledge, advice and professionalism in resolving my first legal matter.
My initial encounter was with Monique who was very quick to respond to my inquiry. Monique showed sincere interest in my case and was very supportive. Monique invested the time to well understand my case and helped me thoroughly understand the legal process.
I had a very positive experience in court with John who was representing me. I was in a difficult situation and I am very pleased with the honestly and detail John provided and I felt as though I was in trustworthy hands. John went above and beyond at court, he is articulate, knowledgeable, precise and his work is very effective. John was able to achieve a great outcome for me which was a huge success.
Monique and John both went to great lengths in guiding me and investing in my case in great depth. I am very grateful for their excellent job and the outcome! I would highly recommend if you are seeking legal representation.” – Larisa

“Astor Legal’s team especially Monique Welch. are very experienced professionals. Monique is very patient, friendly and capable of giving very valuable advices. Her service is second to none and I can’t recommend highly enough!” – Myo

“I highly recommend Astor Legal for being professional, experienced and doing their best in handling my case, High range PCA. I asked a lot of lawyers and all of them said that I am going to be convicted. John Marsh made the impossible possible, he did every possible way to help me and had the case withdrawn.” – Mick