It is a strange and new time for everyone. Gone are the days of simply having some degree of privacy or control over the image being produced for the world around us, in the age of social media, everyone is a brand ambassador for themselves – branding is about more than simply products and the light they cast upon the rest of the world. Every action and reaction is its own microcosm and looked at with a fine tooth comb. As such, there’s never been a better time to be a PR agency, especially in the most densely populated state in the country.

With the dense population comes a slew of different PR agencies all offering differing variations of the same service, we were overwhelmed by the sheer scope and scale of the number of agencies there were to choose from. So, where do we go from here, what’s the real score – the way forward.

Well to cut out the middlemen we decided to collate the top 5 PR agencies in NSW – whether you’re a budding business or individual influencer who needs a bit of direction in life – sit back, relax and look at our top choices.

The Top 5 Best PR Agencies In NSW For Your Business

#1 The Ideas Suite A woman from a top PR agency in NSW helping a woman with her business by showing a strategy on a laptop.

The Ideas Suite is without a doubt the top of the crop when it comes to bending an image in the right direction in the busiest city of Australia. The small yet robust team of professionals are well renowned in the industry and able to give a more personalised and detailed experience across the board when it comes to public relations.

It’s a relatively young agency as well which lends to its mythos rather well, being founded in 2007 by former journo Julia Nekich it is the pinnacle of a boutique PR agency through and through. While many other agencies will allow as many clients as they can manage, The Ideas Suite is less about quantity and more about quality, picking and choosing the clients that they feel will benefit the most from a stringent and considered approach to the industry.

They have a unique approach in that they already have the contacts necessary for more immediacy in their results, with the combined decades of experience in the media field, it stands to reason that there are many avenues that are approached when signed on by this exclusive boutique. They are expert in the field of companies and enjoy the heartier challenges to say the least.

The aspect that impressed us the most about this particular PR agency is the methodology they utilise as an approach, from the get-go they plan out the tailored briefs that will be your guiding light for the foreseeable in your time with them, and their up-to-date approach ensures an ease of communication that gives you that extra sense of safety knowing your image is in good hands.

#2 Inside Out PRThree women from a PR agency in NSW sitting opposite each other and talking business strategy.

Inside Out is another boutique touted PR agency with a slight twist that got us a little excited. They have the boutique focus with their local offices – however, being a part of the IPREX empire they have interconnectivity across the oceans and far and away have a larger global outreach than most other agencies on the list.

It’s a double-edged sword however, with the focus on globalized thinking lending itself to a less personalised experience from the outset, it can be a risk going with a larger-than-life conglomerate if you’re just starting out in the various industries they cover.

They have a good malleability with costs and budget friendliness to be sure, and if testimonials are anything to go by, they’re certainly in the running for the wide berth of coverage in the various industries with a touted expertise in the social media engagement game which is the growing apple on the tree these days.

They started in 2005 and have little chance of slowing down anytime soon with a crack team of young and up-and-coming talent in the field of modern marketing and social engagement.

#3 WordStorm PRA corporate PR agency in NSW planning a business strategy on a whiteboard in a team.

WordStorm PR is one of those agencies with a specificity in their craft when it comes to representing their clients. This is certainly one of them. Being a little larger than previous entries on the list, this particular public relations firm is based in Sydney and is a big believer in the journalism angle of public image control, being touted as one of the more interconnected ones for this particular need.

They have a supreme focus on connecting stories with journalists, and they cannot be wrong in assuming their position of authority in the market. This could be due to the notion that the firm was founded by an ex-contributor to A Current Affair, one of the more watched programs in Australia for it’s infotainment style approach to journalism. This approach brings a lot of eyes to the screen which in turn has helped shape a lot of careers as a result.

The former Current Affair reporter being a part of the foundation ensures that there is more of an insider track knowledge being assumed in the packaging of clients to journalists for the ends of the agency.

#4 Neon Black Creative CommunicationsTwo men shaking hands as they make a PR deal for a NSW business.

Neon Black is probably one of the more lucratively stylish entries on the list of NSW PR agencies, their site is slick enough at first glance which means they already know how to sell themselves to some degree. The difference here being that the team at Neon have branched out a little more beyond their initial PR counterparts in offering a more comprehensively layered system of public relations strategies to benefit their clients.

So, on top of their standard PR packages that include things like typical public relations strategies, editorial promotions, media partnerships and publicity stunts, they also have a comprehensive digital media and social media-based landscape of focus with video production, social media campaign production, digital asset development, influencer marketing and strategies. This on top of an already impressive range of event management coverage in their repertoire is a good representation of the possibility they offer in their range of services.

In terms of overall star power, the Neon Black folks certainly have their hands in a lot of decent arenas.

#5 Media KeyA man and woman from a best PR agency in NSW sitting opposite discussing business.

We now come to Media Key, one of the older and long-lasting behemoths in the industry. Opening their doors in 1991, this long-lasting business has the likes of a 20-year veteran in the media landscape at the helm in Ross Woodward who is a former BBC and ABC journalist with some radio experience to boot. The heavyweight division of media coverage aside, the firm has some impressive stats to go along with its bark. They’ve worked with an eclectic group of media-folk to varying levels of success and have touted proudly that no job is too large or small for them to cover which gives the impression that they’re not your average PR firm in the same respect as some others who may be a little more selective.

Whether this is a positive or negative addendum we are not sure. We can be assured of the experience being brought to the table however, which is impressive enough considering the amount of heavyweights that are in their arsenal of team members.

Being a larger company, we are a little averse as to how they are able to give the same experience as the more boutique suites, but we have to consider that if an agency has been in business this long – they have to be doing something right. Plus, they do have a plethora of celebrity endorsements which is still tantamount to a successful PR campaign in many respects.

A Few Final Tips

Before we sign off for the day, we thought we’d give you a few final tips to take with you in your journey for choosing the right PR agency for you and yours.

It can be a daunting exercise to choose the right PR agency, even from our top 5 it’s hard to discern the one that is right for you.

With so many agencies in the great state of NSW, there can be a lot of fakes out there who espouse the world while delivering very little. It’s vital you do your own research into the agency before signing on their digital dotted line. Ensure that they cover your particular business as well, some will cover influencers, others B2B, it all depends on your business and intention.

Of course, it goes without saying that you should be prepared with a budget as well, some PR agencies we found in our thorough research had some exorbitant pricing for various services, they very well may be worthwhile, however, the price tag will be a factor for smaller businesses and individuals especially.

In short, do your homework, come prepared and do your research. PR agencies are masterminded silver tongues by nature, chances are they’ll have a slick pitch that can hide some of the questions you want to ask, going into a meeting prepared could make all the difference.

Good Luck.