Below is a list of the top and leading Podiatrists in Geelong. To help you find the best Podiatrists located near you in Geelong, we put together our own list based on this rating points list.

Geelong’s Best Podiatrists:

The top-rated Podiatrists in Geelong are:

  • Dr. Simone Leembruggen – the founder and director of Heal and Soul Podiatry
  • Dr. Andrew Crutch – a specialist in heel pain and Achilles’ dilemmas
  • Dr. Paul Graham – has a particular interest in musculoskeletal ailments
  • Dr. Rosie Sharp – passionate about all aspects of podiatry
  • Dr. Chris Klein – a senior clinician at Geelong Hospital

Dr. Simone Leembruggen

dr. lumbreggen, podiatrist in geelong

Dr. Simone Leembruggen is the founder and director of Heal and Soul Podiatry. She is also a disability advocate. Simone frequently attends supplementary classes and workshops to stay updated with the most advanced therapy routines and information about up-to-date proof and reasoning. With that, she is able to recommend the best therapy methods and present the most beneficial therapy and consultation to her treasured clients.

In addition to that, she also studies the most challenging situations which add to her expertise. Truly, you can rely on her dedicated medical health care services in podiatry.


Treatment for Foot Injuries, Cracked Heels, Achilles Tendon, and more


Address: Shop 2, 84 Shannon Avenue, Geelong West, Geelong, VIC 3218
Phone: (03) 5298 2746


“Thank you Heal and Soul podiatry for amazing service. I’m so satisfied with how you treated my worse ingrown toenail… I highly recommended it…” – Jefferlyn Mengala

Dr. Andrew Crutch

dr. crutch, podiatrist in geelong

Dr. Andrew Crutch comes next up on our list. He is a trusted podiatrist that practices in Pro Feet Podiatry. Since 2008, he has been catering to patients who seek his professional help in their injuries.

Moreover, he has comprehensive knowledge of a wide variation of foot and ankle ailments. He has a particular interest in heel pain and Achilles’ dilemma. Together with his highly qualified and skilled colleagues, he brings you top-notch podiatric care that will help you get back to living your life.


Treatments for Heel Pain, Achilles’ Dilemma, and more


Address: 291 Latrobe Terrace, (Latrobe Health Centre), Geelong, VIC 3220
Phone: (03) 5222 6868


“Andrew was great to deal with, he was so efficient and seem to know exactly what was wrong and how to fix it. Very thankful I saw him and any issues I had have certainly improved and I love my new sneakers! Would highly recommend” – Kylie McDermott

Dr. Paul Graham

dr. graham, podiatrist in geelong

Dr. Paul Graham currently practices his craft in Total Care Podiatry. Since 1987, he has been helping a lot of patients get back on their feet, literally. He is a highly skilled podiatrist that has a particular interest in musculoskeletal ailments.

Moreover, he is a member of the Australian Academy of Podiatric Sports Medicine. He is also the first podiatrist that was recognized as a member of the Pain Society of Australia. In his practice, he has always focused on the full and evidence-based analysis of underlying conditions. This helps him produce the best probable results for his patients.


Treatments for Musculoskeletal Ailments


Address: 209 Malop Street, Geelong, VIC 3220
Phone: (03) 5223 1531


“What a top-notch podiatrist in the city. I will no longer go to anyone else but him.” – Ashley A.

Dr. Rosie Sharp

rosie sharp, podiatrist in geelong

Dr. Rosie Sharp a trusted podiatrist in Latrobe Health Center. She is passionate about all aspects of podiatry. In addition to that, she has a particular interest in the management of lower limb biomechanical injuries. At present, she is undertaking further studies in the use of pharmaceuticals for the management of lower limb pathologies.

Together with her expert team at the health center, she brings you experienced and caring podiatric services. They expertly assess and manage your condition with the use of the latest technology.


Treatments for Lower Lim Biomechanical Injuries and more


Address: 291 Latrobe Terrace, Geelong VIC 3220
Phone: (03) 5222 6868


“My experience at Latrobe Health Centre was one of excellence at every step, from the time I arrived in reception through to the skilled and caring relationship with the specialist I saw. 100% 5 stars.” – Sandra Dickinson

Dr. Chris Klein

dr. klein, podiatrist in geelong

Dr. Chris Klein completes our list. He is the senior clinician at Geelong Hospital. Here, he takes charge of patient treatment and management at the high-risk foot unit and the diabetic referral center. At the same time, he also works at Corio, Newtown, and Barwon Endocrinology.

His special interest lies in chronic disease management and biomechanics. He also has expertise in nail surgery and debridement. Additionally, he is the specialist to call when you seek medical help in gait analysis and diabetes co-morbidities.


Treatments for High-Risk Foot Injuries, Biomechanics, Diabetes, and more


Address: 309 Pakington St, Newtown VIC 3220
Phone: (03) 5221 2919


“I was impressed with the podiatrist, the way he dealt with my problem, how it could be resolved, and his immediate attention to the pain I had been experiencing for many months. I couldn’t ask for better service.” – M. L.