Phone repair is an important part of our daily lives, due to the high prevalence of the population that carries around fragile smartphones. It could just be one of those days, you are walking to work when suddenly you trip slightly and the phone is on the ground.

As you pick it up anxiously, you see that the screen is cracked and won’t display anything. Phone repair shops exist solely for these types of purposes, as these situations are very common.

For most people, a smartphone represents a hub of information and communication which allows people to send and receive data wherever they go and is extremely convenient. With a screen or battery broken, it can cause significant inconveniences to a person.

For these reasons, a phone repair shop is required to fix the damage done.

3 Best Phone Repair Shops in Australia

#1 Fone TeknicianAustralia phone repair shops

Fone Teknician offers their customers same day repair for their phones, which other stores cannot guarantee, making them the top phone repair shop on this list. The majority of their repairs will take less than 30 minutes and can have you operational in no time at all.

What makes them truly special is the fact that they can come to you, and you do not have to leave the comfort of your home.

This unique aspect of Fone Teknician makes them one of the best on the market.

#2 Fix2URepair phone in shops Australia

Fix2U is another great phone repair provider who comes to you. Their low prices makes them stand out from the crowd, with phone repairs starting at just $89!

They are able to repair numerous different devices such as Apple products (both phones and tablets) and Samsung devices.

#3 Mobile Repair ShopShop for phone repair Australia

Mobile Repair Shop has a huge range of different repair services including water damage repair, screen replacement, battery replacement and camera replacement. Any problem you may have with your device can be fixed through Mobile Repair Shop, making them great for particular issues.

With an easy to navigate website in place, you will be able to book your repair session easily and be using your phone again in no time.