Below is a list of the top and leading Naturopathy Clinics in Gold Coast. To help you find the best Naturopathy Clinics located near you in XXX, we put together our own list based on this rating points list.

Gold Coast’s Best Naturopathy Clinics:

The top-rated Naturopathy Clinics in Gold Coast are:

  • Health Haven – brings you the natural health solutions you need
  • My Naturopath Gold Coast – offers the best naturopathic treatments in Gold Coast
  • The Wellness Emporium – an integrated wellness clinic in Burleigh Heads
  • Empowering Wellness – passionate about your health and vitality
  • Gold Coast Digestive Health – provides affordable naturopathic treatments

Health Haven

health haven naturopathy in gold coast

Health Haven comes first up on our list. If you are looking for the best in natural health solutions, this is the clinic for you. Here, you will meet Cassandra Henry, one of the region’s leading naturopaths.

She offers consultations in person and over the phone. She deals with clients who seek help in illness recovery and natural weight loss. Moreover, she provides you with customized individual treatment plans that will help you get the results you want. Truly, you can truly rely on her for comprehensive support. Check out her website to learn more!


Treatments for Natural Weight Loss, Chronic Illnesses, and Digestive Illness Recovery


Address: Shop 2/14 Studio Dr, Oxenford QLD 4210
Phone: (07) 5665 7447


“Health Haven naturopathy is definitely the specialist I’ve been looking for Cassandra Henry is by far the best I’ve seen on the gold coast she specializes in the lime disease. Mould disease and Ross river fever and has the remedies available to treat them successfully she has all the latest technology at her fingertips thank you, Cassandra, for your help. Definitely 10 stars.” – Peter Javelin

My Naturopath Gold Coast

my naturopath in gold coast

My Naturopath Gold Coast comes next on our list. Here, you will meet Teressa Todd, who believes you must understand your past so that you can determine what you need in your healing process. She guides you in creating a harmonious balance in your life that will allow you to achieve full mental and physical health.

Moreover, she goes the extra mile for your holistic health. To tailor down the treatments you really need, she conducts comprehensive consultations with her clients. Additionally, she is a trusted nutritional consultant with more than 20 years of experience.


Treatments for Pain Management, Fatigue, Weight Loss, and more


Address: 90 Treeview Dr, Burleigh Waters QLD 4220
Phone: (07) 5520 2404


“Teressa is amazing! I felt very comfortable as she explained everything that was going on and her recommendations were practical and given with consideration to the cost and impact on my daily life which I appreciated. I have since taken my father to see her who was quite unwell. She could explain to him the charts that some of the doctors at the hospital couldn’t go through with him. Her advice and guidance have made a significant impact on me and my family’s health. I highly recommend her.” – Gema Jackson

The Wellness Emporium

the wellness emporium in gold coast

The Wellness Emporium is a sought-after naturopathic clinic as well. It is a well-known integrated wellness clinic that is conveniently located in Burleigh Heads. Aside from naturopathic services, they also offer herbal and nutritional medicine services.

For the best comprehensive and tailored approach to your health goals, this is the clinic for you. They understand that each client is unique and that is why they carefully formulate their offered treatment programs. Count on Chae, a highly experienced naturopath, to help you reach your health and well-being goals. Check out the clinic’s website to learn more about what is in store for you!


Holistic Medicine, Functional Testing, Online Programs


Address: 2/19 James St, Burleigh Heads QLD 4220
Phone: (07) 5667 3311


“After struggling with moderate weight gain and sleep issues due to work conferences in the future.” – Paul Soong

Empowering Wellness

empowering wellness clinic ing gold coast

Empowering Wellness is another well-known naturopathic clinic on the Gold Coast. As a matter of fact, it is one of the longest standing acupuncture, chiropractic, massage, and natural therapies clinic in Burleigh Heads. This team of professionals is passionate about bringing you the best natural remedies for your health.

Truly, this team of top-notch practitioners has the experience and expertise you can rely on. They focus on understanding where your problems or pain comes from and helps you manage them. Moreover, they use a variety of treatments to restore harmony in your body. Book an appointment with them today!


Acupuncture, Naturopathic Remedies, Chiropractic Services, Massages


Address: 2/1846 Lower Gold Coast Hwy, Burleigh Heads QLD 4220
Phone: (07) 5535 9833


“It is so rare to find practitioners who care but here I know they actually care about my wellness! There are two Marks, they are both great chiropractors and compassionate people. I’m so grateful every time I go! Even when I am in pain and my range of motion is limited when I leave there is always an improvement.” – Belinda Russell-Smith

Gold Coast Digestive Health

natasha martin, naturopath in gold coast

Finally, Gold Coast Digestive Health completes our list. Here, you will meet Natasha Martin, one of the best and experienced naturopaths in the capital. Her clinic brings you integrative medicine and wellness services that focus on treating digestive disorders.

If you have an ongoing digestive disorder and are dealing with untreated symptoms, you can count on Natasha’s expert advice and solutions. Along with her team, she offers top-notch diagnosis, quality care, and treatments. In addition to that, she charges affordable rates for her high-class services. Book an appointment at God Coast Digestive Health and say goodbye to your digestive problems today!


Treatments for Digestive Problems


Address: 13 Kurrambee Ave, Ashmore QLD 4214
Phone: (07) 5676 5076


“Natasha is so knowledgeable and I have seen really fast improvements to my health since I have seen her. She is so bright and positive and very easy to talk to about your health concerns. I highly recommend her.” – Emma W.