There is nothing worse than a blank canvas. A canvas could be seen as anything from a blank wall to a simple sheet of paper. For mural painters in Sydney, there is a wonderfully exciting need to fill these blank spots with prevailing colours and wonderful designs that have an artistic endgame about them, or simply filling in the void with something beautiful.

There are several services in the unofficial capital of the country that offer an incredible eye and sophisticated brush in crafting beautiful and incredible displays. Through all of the city, there are 5 that stand out amongst the rest that offer a unique perspective and beautiful possibilities.

The Top 5 Mural Painters in Sydney:

#1 ARTWRXA mural done by a Sydney mural painter.

ARTWRX easily tops all mural painters in Sydney for many reasons. There is a supreme dedication to customer satisfaction in their work and a true authenticity that is hard to come by. Offering a range of services that include restaurants, cafes, residential, and even signwriting. The team at ARTWRX have solidified themselves as the top mural painters in Sydney and have the testimonials to back it up.

Experience, professionalism, and beautiful artworks, it’s hard to go past ARTWRX.

#2 Happy DecayA man standing in front of a mural by a Sydney painter.

Happy Decay have some incredible examples that put them in the upper half of the finer mural artists in Sydney. They have experience in larger canvases and bountiful colour palettes. The street-art aesthetic is especially prevalent in the inner-west region of the city which is seeing a rise in artworks being commissioned.

The opportunity to have professional mural painters in Sydney crafting customised and very colourful displays in your restaurant or home is certainly a tantalising thought.

#3 The Art Of WallA mural painted by a Sydney painter.

The Art Of Wall is certainly built from those mural painters in Sydney who are passionate about their craft. Being a home for graphic designers and edgy artists that are looking for a way to showcase their skills in new and unique ways. Being designers at heart, their edge resides in their ability to design and craft a completely new piece for each client.

Their focus on keeping the community colourful is certainly a bonus point which furthers their status as some of the best mural painters in Sydney.

#4 Blank WallsA woman walking past a mural painted by a mural painter in Sydney.

Blank Walls is one of those all-encompassing enterprises that have become more and more popular in recent years. Their supreme focus on different painting styles and concepts have kept their artworks fresh and vibrant throughout the city.

From large scale pieces to smaller branding opportunities, the crew at Blank Walls have changed the game in terms of offering that little bit extra.

#5 Kat’sA large mural by a mural painter in Sydney.

Kat’s Mural Art is truly independent, being a sole operator of her business and not afraid of taking on the goliaths in the business. This is already impressive enough until you see her impressive portfolio of commissioned pieces that have an astounding lasting value about them.

Her nature theme is infinitely reusable and her honest approach and passionate style are a few of the many reasons that she’s one of the best mural painters in Sydney.