We’ve all heard of photography for weddings and ceremonies of all kinds. It begs the question, what of the more intimate, more nuanced, and more natural states of being that we may wish to commemorate?

Maternity photoshoots are fast becoming the ticking new trend for Sydney, and it’s hard not to see why. With so many ways to memorialise every part of our existence, it stands to reason that a beautiful photoshoot of a budding family should be up there with weddings and graduations.

Luckily, there are a few key examples of some top tier maternity photographers in Sydney, these are the ones who aren’t gouging with their prices and unnecessary add-ons, these examples are simply the ones who want to create artwork from everyday life.

Here are the top 3 maternity photographers in Sydney.

3 Best Maternity Photographers in Sydney

#1 At DuskMaternity photographers in Sydney

At Dusk is an all-encompassing photography service that has no shortage of tricks up their sleeve when it comes to capturing the moment. Headed by Chris Prestidge, this boutique photography studio has specialisations in all aspects of modern life, from fashion, weddings, personal and maternity.

The maternity selection is one of a natural elegance and interesting locales. At Dusk separates themselves from the pack with their superior customer service and a strait-laced sophistication in their service, execution and price.

#2 Simona JanekSydney photographer maternity

Simona Janek is certainly one of the more upper-echelon maternity photographers in the game, having her own home-studio tucked away in the inner west and a package deal that certainly turns heads.

Her separation from the rest comes from her perception of capturing the moment, her package deals that make the prospect a little more realistic, and her attention to detail which flourishes in the final result.

#3 Blossom BrookMaternity photography Sydney

Blossom Brook is another example of a fine boutique maternity photography studio with a specialty that is difficult to top. The interesting aspect of Blossom Brook is not so much their location but what they are able to do with such a space.

Very intuitive and responsive to their client’s this studio certainly brings out the shine in any family.