When it comes to being at the forefront of innovation and discovery, science is often the called upon hero. Scientists have allowed so much to be achieved in the confines of laboratories all around the globe. One of the key reasons for this being possible is with reliable, safe, and professional supplies for scientific experimentation and lab safety.

When outfitting your laboratory area with equipment, there should be an expressed focus on ensuring that only the best quality equipment makes its way into the threshold. The following suppliers have a proven track record of high-quality equipment, reasonable prices, and fast turnaround.

3 Best Lab Equipment Suppliers in Australia

#1 WestlabBest lab equipment Australia supplier

Westlab lead the way in terms of lab equipment supply in Australia. Every aspect of their service has an air of professionalism and innovation that cannot be overstated. Their team of experts have the knowhow and audacity to ensure future proofing is standard across all their products.

They have a wide range of focus areas, medical research, safety equipment, and standard research paraphernalia, all of which can be built to specification. Their customer service and response time is a shining light as well.

#2 ScienceEquipAustralian lab equipment

ScienceEquip set the standard for range and value in terms of lab equipment offerings. Being one of the largest importers of reliable and safety assured equipment, ScienceEquip have cornered the market in terms of mass importation and selling at an affordable and decent price.

There are some impressive stats relating to their customisation ability as well, having a customer-first mentality and bringing forth a range of customisable options for glassware, silicaware and plasticware across their range.

#3 Thermoline ScientificSuppliers lab equipment Australia

Thermoline Scientific rounds out the list with a historical presence in the scientific community. Being established in the 1970s, this manufacturer is one of the largest all-Australian creators of laboratory equipment which already lends itself to the air of quality.

Couple that with their impressive range and to-specification promises when it comes to top-tier laboratory and experimental equipment. Thermoline keep it in Australia, and maintain the same degree of quality as international counterparts.