Intellectual property is a confusing and often hazy affair that has become more and more prevalent in recent years. While it can often be hard to define, if you own intellectual property of any kind, be it a logo, imagery, text or even branding – it can be safely assumed that you want that property to be defended in case of infringement.

There is a steady rise in professional services that have a specialisation in the field of intellectual property rights and crack teams of investigators are able to establish a range of motives and conclusions that were not possible 20 years ago.

3 Best Intellectual Property Investigators in Australia

#1 NovelIPAustralian investigator of intellectual property

One of the best in the business, NovelIP have made their name known in the country in recent years due to their diligence, dedication, and overall professionalism in the field of investigating potential intellectual property breaches.

Headed by principal Kristine Van Ruiten who herself has over two decades of experience in the field of intellectual property, the depths and detail that NovelIP manages to delve into is astounding. Their customer service is incredible as well with easy-to-understand follow-ups and easily translatable findings that can be added directly into legal documentation should a case be present.

Their long list of positive testimonials cannot be wrong either.

#2 RumoreIntellectual property investigation Australia

Rumore have adapted their methods in recent years. They’re not primarily an IP investigations firm per-say, they have been investigating a wide range of common traits such as workplace investigations, background checks infidelity checks and so on.

However, they’ve ramped up their ability to investigate the increasing number of instances of IP theft and infringement and have the necessary legal experience to follow-through at a decent rate and trustworthy manner.

#3 IP OrganisersInvestigating Australian intellectual property

IP Organisers are a branch of patent and IP firm Phillips Ormonde Fitzpatrick. The firm is one of the most well-renowned and celebrated champions of intellectual property, and it certainly shows.

They have a massive hit rate when it comes to investigations, and their reach and influence in the industry cannot be denied. Precision, efficiency, and relevance is their game, and they’re certainly good at it.