Holistic healing has been on the rise with more and more people looking for alternative treatments, ranging from meditation to aromatherapy. Despite conventional medicine taking a surface level approach to healing, holistic therapy dives deep into your health condition, helping your whole body to recover.

In this piece, we will be taking that deep dive today but sharing the top three holistic health coaches you can find online.

3 Best Holistic Health Coaches Online

#1 Michelle DixonBest holistic health coaches online

Michelle Dixon is the finest holistic health coach on the Internet, using her own personal experiences to give back to her patients. In a twist of events, Dixon was studying a doctorate in Economics at the University of Sydney when she had travelled to the Ukraine for her studies only to find herself interest in trauma.

Overtime, her interest peaked during one of the biggest traumatic experiences of life, leading her to become the incredible holistic health coach she is today. When you work with your will find that you will be able to overcome any trauma that comes your way, making you a whole lot more mindful and with ease.

#2 Natalie MooreOnline coach for holistic health

Natalie Moore is second on our top three best online holistic therapists, with a personality that’s sought to make you feel better already. With her love of baby goats doing yoga to her nerding out to all things psychology, Natalie is your next best bet to help you get from the ground up in your healing journey.

She takes a spin on the traditions of the medical model, and focuses on looking at the whole picture to better you from not only the outside but the inside as well. Need we say moore?

#3 Kim BurrisHealth coach online

Kim Burris takes third place for their services, with a focused approach on providing psychotherapy to newly mothers just making their way in the world. Burris offers a safe space to allow her clients to feel welcome, share their pains, and be able to let go of past traumas.

She offers a variety of therapy methods in order to allow true healing to happen,Β  ranging from CBT, meditation, and somatic therapy.