We don’t want to admit it, but sometimes we do need the expressed expertise of a good and reliable family lawyer for those unforeseen bumps in the road that can afflict anyone at any time. It’s a sad state of affairs to be having a top 5 firms but lo and behold, here we are. Not only should you always be aware of the top tier in terms of representation, but what makes them uniquely special to the case in point.

With Sydney being the most populous state in the country, it’s fair to assume that Sydney would be home to many instances of family court proceedings as well as firms in equal measure. As such, it’s important to have a sense of some of the better examples of family law firms that exist in the populace city.

We will go through our list of the top 5 firms we have found and then go into a little extra detail as to why it is advised to opt for an expert in the field in lieu of a traditional solicitor.

Top Rated Family Lawyers in Sydney:

#1 O’Sullivan LegalFamily lawyer Sydney

O’Sullivan Legal is the top notch on our particular list of family law firms for quite a few reasons. They’re quite well known in the community of course, serving the good people of Sydney for quite a long time. That aside, they have a tremendous focus on the nuances of familial law and the intricacies that need to be tackled in a delicate manner.

They came to prominence in our estimations for several reasons, being the firm that has the most encompassing copy on their website was certainly a head start in the right direction. While they cannot give out specifics on cases etc., they have a very useful blog at their disposal that they use for a variety of reasons, not the least of which being the approach and common questions that can often cost upwards in reference fees with other firms. Their tendency to not want to grab every last dollar and cent from the get-go is an admirable one in an industry that often takes all it can get.

They have a wide berth of coverage within the finite aspects of family law, with divorce settlements, property finances, custody, counselling as well as a host of different specialties relating to cases that surround the commonalities of family law such as Apprehended Violence Orders & Criminal Records etc.

Their approachable nature coupled with the excess and invaluable information they give away in a succinct manner on their website indicates a professionally built and run enterprise, and their testimonials across the board have not been discouraging in the slightest.

#2 Circle Bridge LegalSydney family law firm

Circle Bridge Legal is one of those unique and modernised law firms that dabble in the field of Familial Law amongst many others. This doesn’t necessarily detract from their abilities in the family law consideration as their main focus appears to be in a creative problem-solving context, furthering themselves into the holistic field of law, which is fascinating to us dear readers.

This sort of intrinsic philosophy certainly separates the firm from its competitors in any field, litigation is anything but spontaneous in terms of a typical approach so seeing the team at Circle Legal adopt the holistic method and more encapsulating manner is certainly laudable, they even define their name as being a part of their philosophy with the concept of a ‘Circle-Bridge’ being a representation of anything being possible, including the outcome of a particular case.

We were quite impressed with a law firm trying anything new or different from the status quo, and it seems they’re catching up on the ladder of notoriety as well. Becoming more well-known and renowned in the field and covering a wide variety of law disciplines including a specialty in Family Law and all the trimmings.

#3 JB SolicitorsFamily lawyers firm Sydney

JB Solicitors is one of the workhorse examples of a decent albeit run-of-the-mill family law firm. They have specialisations in a number of varying disciplines and with a penchant for customer service being their edge against the competition, it was hard to pass them by without a mention.

Being a more modern focused law firm, they also have their toes dipped in the environmentally conscious area of the trends, being one of the few completely paper-free institutions we found on our search. Their modernity doesn’t end there however, with a focus on the mobile experience and after-hours care that many offices are still finding their way to catching on with, a family-friendly atmosphere allowing the ease of visitation to be made for families with less time on their hands.

The focus on the people is especially one of the principal reasons for its inclusion on the list, with research indicating that they aim for the most logical and settlement-friendly option, which negates the often harrowing and emotionally driven aspects of familial law cases.

With three offices spread across the city of Sydney, the most populous city has its coverage in terms of competitors to be sure, but their dedication to their craft, their notable mobile-friendly nature in terms of going to where you are is also a blessing in this day and age.

#4 Lighthouse Law GroupFamily law group Sydney

Lighthouse Law Group is another example of your all-rounder law firm in terms of Australia. They have a supreme focus on keeping costs at a reasonable level and service a large base of the most populous state in the country. A family law firm at heart, they have a specified nature that relates to all matters of familial cases including property settlements, divorce matters, deceased estates, will disputes and powers of attorney.

They’ve been around for a number of years and boast a strong winning record with a dedicated team of different discipline-based lawyers that all sum up the rounded experience rather remarkably. The boutique firm is also quite adept at taking on cases that other firms tend to overlook and encourage the large or small clients to come in for equal treatment which is certainly a plus.

#5 Genuine LegalSydney family lawyers firm

Genuine Legal have their specialty known well and wear it on its sleeve with no issue. They have been in the family law game for a long time and it shows with their testimonials and their previous clients boasting about their positive experience with the firm.

Genuine have a few things going for them in terms of keeping it unique in a sea of competitors in the field, offering a free 1-hour consultation with no commitment necessary which is a rarity these days in the litigation world. They also offer payment plans and fixed fee for the work that is being done in lieu of the endless hours that are put into it.

Their focus on transparency is the main reason for their inclusion on the list, as it is hard to find a law firm with so much on their sleeve in terms of their rates, consultations and services rendered. Genuine Legal indeed lives up to their name of being a truly genuine article.

A Few Tips & Tricks For Choosing The Right Family Lawyer in Sydney

Before signing off, it should be noted that there are a few blanket tips that can be provided for choosing the right law firm for your case. Especially as it pertains to familial law, there can be no room for error in terms of whom you choose for this emotionally compromising situation.

Your solicitor is a very personal choice as it is important to hire one that you trust implicitly with all of your personal matters. A professional solicitor who is knowledgeable in specific aspects of family law will help put your mind at ease as you can know that there is someone reliable dealing with your legal issues.

Budget Yourself

Even in dire circumstances, there should always be some form of consideration in terms of budget and willingness to spend on your part. Litigious circumstances can often bring hefty legal fees in the long run and all possible eventualities should be considered and accounted for when signing up for a service.

Check Family Lawyers Testimonials & RepA family law firm in Sydney meeting with a client and consulting about their legal case.

Before signing on the dotted line or before booking a consultation, it’s always wise to check the testimonials and opinions of those who have come before in the services of your prospective law firm. This can often be found on their site or through many of the online channels that offer a more transparent and honest field of opinion to be expressed. Checking to see if they cover the right form of familial law is also a must.

Consider Areas of Expertise

There are many different areas of family law and it is likely that your specific case will require extensive knowledge of one particular area. Each and every legal case is incredibly complex and requires a lawyer who is highly experienced in dealing with these complexities. Each family lawyer in Sydney is likely to have a broad knowledge of all areas and a specialisation in one specific area. This is something that you should consider when choosing your solicitor.

Areas of family law range from property, to divorce, to issues involving children, and much much more. Essentially any problem that involves something to do with your familial life falls under the umbrella of family law. Because of this broad range of subject areas, finding a family lawyer in Sydney who specialises in your area of need can be essential for getting the best results and navigating the details of your case.

Always Consult First

Having a consultation is an essential step in any law journey, especially with the high-stakes game of family law. Having a consultation allows you to know where you stand in terms of specifics and the roadmap of things to come. Having some form of preparation is essential and the law firm that is right for you is the one that allows you to feel as prepared as possible before the case begins.

As mentioned, some firms offer a free consultation, but even if they charge a flat rate, it’s best to ensure that you’re going in with the best foot forward. It also gives you a vital glimpse into the inner workings of the law firm and their treatment and communicative ability before any contracts are signed.

Compare Your Options Carefully

Once you have consulted with your select family law firms you need to weigh up the pros and cons of each. While budget is obviously an important factor to take into consideration, getting the best results for your case should also be a priority. Many matters of family law deeply affect your life and need to be dealt with thoroughly.

Comparing the results that your options have achieved for previous clients, evaluating the budget you can reasonably spend, and considering how the consultation went are all essential for selecting your solicitor. Understanding which area of law you need a specialist in will also help you select your family lawyer in Sydney.

Which Area of Family Law Do You Need Help With?Family law helper in Sydney

Understanding what each area of family law involves and which category your specific case falls under can help you to narrow down your choice of family lawyer in Sydney. In the event that you are unclear of what area of law your case falls under, your lawyer will be able to help, but it is still useful to have a general understanding of what you need. These are some of the key areas of family law and a little bit about what they involve.


Property law involves practically anything related to assets that you own. The most common issue that arises from this area of law is to do with division of assets during relationship breakdown. This may also cover the division of finances during relationship breakdown.

Your family lawyer in Sydney may need to negotiate with your ex-partner’s solicitor and advise on how assets should be divided. Where possible, your solicitor will most likely advise that you come to an agreement using mediation rather than court. If you do need to go to court, however, your solicitor will be able to represent you.

De facto relationships may also require assistance with this process. Solicitors know the difference in rights between married and de facto couples and will be able to advise you on the best approach for your unique living situation.


Divorce may cause several issues within a family. Your specific issue within the divorce, such as property or children, may require a solicitor who specialises in that area, though there are general divorce lawyers available too.

Divorce is a tumultuous time in anyone’s life and involves dividing assets that are often hard to divide between two people who have spent their time sharing property with each other. Whether the divorce is amicable or not, there are still plenty of complications that can arise during the process.

A family lawyer in Sydney that specialises in divorce will be able to walk you through all of the necessary steps to lodge and finalise your application for divorce. This may include giving reasons for how the relationship has broken down beyond repair. Solicitors are highly experienced in mediating divorce and will be able to make the process as simple as they possibly can for you and your ex-partner.

Child Custody

Children are a difficult area of family law to navigate as it is important to reduce as much stress for them as possible. Deciding on who gets custody of children and what rules will be around this custody can be a harrowing process and one that some family lawyers will be better versed in than others.

There are many factors to consider when deciding who within a broken relationship gets custody of children. It is a sensitive area that requires a reliable solicitor. In some cases, only one parent will get custody of a child or children, while in other cases, the parents opt to split the time that the children spend with them. In cases where neither parent is fit to care for the children, custody may be given to grandparents or to other family members who are capable of caring for them.

With a sensitive area such as child custody, a good solicitor that you can trust is essential.

Family Violence

Another sensitive area of family law is cases involving family violence. Family violence can take many forms and may be committed by a partner or a relative. It may affect you, a loved one, or even pets or property. Whatever the case, solicitors who specialise in this area are highly practiced and are sure to treat these cases with care and sensitivity.

Finding a family lawyer in Sydney who specialises in this area of law requires careful consideration. You need to be able to trust them with the sensitive topic.

Wills & Estate

Family lawyers in Sydney also deal with matters regarding wills and estate. Solicitors can not only help you prepare your final wishes for when your time comes, they can help to mediate any issues that arise from the proceedings.

Occasionally, disputes in relation to wills do arise amongst families. It is not highly unusual for a family member to feel that they have not gotten what they deserve from a will. When this arises, you need to seek legal advice in order to determine what their rights are for claiming property they feel entitled to.

Like most areas of law, this can be a difficult area to navigate and may require a solicitor who is knowledgeable in this particular field. They will be able to best advise you on your rights and the suitable actions that you can take.

Whether creating a will or dealing with a dispute about one, family lawyers in Sydney will be able to assist you.


Conveyancing also often falls under family law as it involves property. The introduction of electronic conveyancing has changed conveyancing law significantly in Australia, and it is essential to find a solicitor who is up to date with this new technology.

The electronic platform that hosts conveyancing matters is known as PEXA. Most family lawyers in Sydney are now familiar with this platform and will be able to help you navigate it correctly.

When dealing with conveyancing matters, a solicitor can be extremely helpful for ensuring that everything is completed effectively.


Surrogacy law is something that continues to develop. A specialist in this area can be particularly beneficial for your case as this area requires a lot of specific knowledge. Surrogacy and IVF are increasingly popular processes in Australia and worldwide.

Due to the developing legislation around this area, however, they can be difficult to navigate in a court of law. Surrogacy is legislated by the states and has varying laws depending on where in Australia you are. There are several processes that you may need to undergo before deciding on surrogacy or IVF. Solicitors can help you to draw up agreements and understand your rights as a parent.

In the event that there is a dispute over issues such as ownership of a surrogate child, a solicitor knowledgeable about the state’s laws is essential. As this area of law is constantly developing, it is important that your family lawyer in Sydney stays up to date and informed about your rights.

Final ThoughtsMatters of family law Sydney

No matter what area of family law you require assistance with, a professional and experienced family lawyer in Sydney will be able to assist you. As the law is a complex thing, solicitors that specialise in certain areas may be beneficial for getting you the best possible results for your case.

While hiring any solicitor is advisable, when it comes to matters of family law, it is common to have sensitive topics arise. Therefore, you need to make your choice carefully so that your case is in the hands of someone you trust to do a thorough job. The experience that family lawyers in Sydney bring to the table is unmatched and will put your mind at ease during difficult times.