To get a head start in any career path is difficult in Australia, especially in engineering. There is always a heavy dose of competition in the industry, with people vying for an engineering position all throughout the country. For recent graduates or new arrivals to Australia, the temptation to go it alone is always there. There is another way, a path of lesser resistance that is on the cards for those looking to get their foot in the door – internships.

A time honoured tradition in many respects, a good engineering internship opportunity is immeasurably beneficial for those looking to get a leg up on the competition and an experience that could lead to a brave new career.

There are a few particular engineering program providers that help graduates get where they need to go. These are the top 3 engineering internship program providers in Australia.

3 Best Engineering Internship Program Providers in Australia

#1 Premium GraduateInternship in engineering Australia

Premium Graduate have a very robust and effective strategy when it comes to all their internships which is the time taken to get to know their candidates and find the perfect fit for their strengths and weaknesses. Their connections in engineering are especially something to behold, with a wide range of offerings from mechanical and civil to mechatronics.

Their personal touch solidified their position as the best one around.

#2 GradAustralia

Provider Australia engineering internship

GradAustralia have a decent range of offerings on the table. Their clean and consistent UI is one of the many decent additions their site has above the rest.

The concise setup aside, they also offer a wide range of helpful resources that assist all levels of graduate placements in finding their feet, along with some helpful tips and tricks that seal the deal.

#3 ReadyGrad

Engineering internship Australia provider

ReadyGrad has been around since 2012 and was started by a former recruiter, so you already have a decent idea on what level of professionalism you’ll be finding.

A very dense and concise website UI allows for an easy transition for any user to find the engineering internship they’re searching for. There is also a healthy range of various sub-industries in the engineering sector that are covered rather favourably here.