As you get older, your bodily functions and cognition start to decline steadily. It is a sad part of life, but an inevitable one nonetheless. This can present some dangers to others on the road as you continue to drive.

Decreased functions and cognition such as the ability to see, make decisions quickly, and stay in your lane can make you an obvious danger to others on the road. It only takes one mistake to cause an accident that could injure or even kill people.

Driving assessors work to determine a person’s ability to drive as they age, or those with disabilities which could make operating a motor vehicle difficult. A professional assessor is so important, as the correct verdict can mean the difference between life and death.

3 Best Driving Assessors for the Elderly and the Disabled in Australia

#1 Modified Driving SolutionsAustralian driving assessor elderly disabled

Modified Driving Solutions focuses on helping people to assess the impact of an injury, illness, or aging on their driving skills. They offer a range of assessments for a variety of different disabilities including cognitive impairments and physical impairments and can even offer equipment plans and prescriptions for those who need them to drive.

Modified Driving is a great resource and provider for those who need them and are the best on the market for these reasons.

#2 On RoadElderly and disabled driving assessor Australia

On Road offers disability driving lessons for those in need. Their instructors have undergone professional training to help effectively provide driving lessons and assessments for those who are impaired. Backed by the NDIS, On Road has been able to help hundreds of clients to achieve their dream of driving safely on the road.

With modified vehicles, professional instructors and quality education provided, On Road is a great choice for anyone with an impairment who wants to be able to drive.

#3 Two States Driver RehabBest driving assessor Australia elderly and disabled

Two States Driver Rehab offers impairment driving lessons for Victoria and New South Wales residents. Passionate about disability driving and lessons, their professional instructors have been providing lessons and assessments for over 55 years now.

Accredited providers are the best choice for anyone who is impaired, and Two States Driver Rehab is definitely the way to go.

Overall, elderly driving lessons and lessons for those who are impaired are necessary in our times, and the above providers are the best choices for anyone to go to for these reasons. It is still important to ensure you do your own research, but we hope this list can help to provide a guideline.