Synthetic grass presents many benefits over traditional lawns. These are primarily due to the low upkeep and maintenance required for them in comparison to traditional lawns which require constant maintenance every week, possibly even from a professional gardener or landscaper.

Synthetic grass is cost effective and can keep your home looking beautiful and aesthetic and staying that way with very little maintenance required. During seasonal changes, traditional lawns will typically wither and die during winter. This can make a property look ugly from the outside.

With synthetic lawns, the grass stays the same way the whole year round. This makes it much more appealing to homeowners who want beautiful lawns but do not want to put in the arduous work that comes with its upkeep.

Here are the 3 best companies in Australia for synthetic grass.

3 Best Companies in Australia for Synthetic Grass

#1 Amax Synthetic GrassAustralian synthetic grass company

Amax Synthetic Grass is Sydney’s leading turf specialist who provide synthetic grass solutions to homeowners across Sydney.

They offer customized services based on your needs, and their products yield a natural look due to careful study of natural grass lawns. Their products are even guaranteed to be safe for kids and animals, and are CSIRO approved.

Definitely a great choice.

#2 EcolawnsSynthetic grass Australia

Ecolawns offers products for the residential and commercial sectors. They service areas such as Sydney, Newcastle and the Gold Coast. They also offerproducts for sports such as bowling greens, cricket pitches, putting greens, soccer turf and tennis courts.

This variety is what sets them apart and is the reason that they are such a popular choice amongst Aussies across the country.

#3 GrassmanGrass companies synthetic

The aptly named Grassman provides synthetic grass services and has been doing so for over 40 years now. They are 100% Australian manufactured and owned, and understand what Aussies want out of their lawns.

They are the perfect solution provider for those who know what they want out of their lawns and can provide these solutions. Grassman is a great choice for any homeowner who wants their lawn looking beautiful and luscious for any passerby’s to see.