Finding the perfect candidate to recruit for your company can be a tedious job. Fortunately, there are expert recruiters out there who know exactly what to do to locate these people. These individuals can work closely with you to find out what you need from a candidate, before selecting the one that suits you best. If you are looking for a recruitment expert in Australia, look no further than our top 5 list.

5 Best recruitment experts in Australia

#1 Tracey Petrie

Tracey Petrie from White Cloud Recruitment is one of Australia’s top recruitment experts, specialising specifically in the field of change management recruitment. Tracey founded the business in 2019 and, based on her extensive skills as a recruiter, has since built a reputation as a thorough and passionate recruitment expert. She excels in getting to know her clients and has an expert understanding of what kind of people they need in their company. Her input as a change management recruiter has allowed countless companies to smoothly undergo the process of change.

#2 Michael Edelstein

Michael Edelstein from Recruitment Expert is exactly what his company name suggests. Having worked in a number of high profile positions over the years, he has a had a well-rounded career and has a thorough understanding of the needs of his clients. Edelstein is a recruiter but he is also a qualified accountant, and uses this expertise to his advantage. He emphasises fostering a long relationship with his clients to ensure that they are 100% satisfied with his recruitment skills.

#3 Suzie McInerney

CEO of Six Degrees Suzie McInerney has worked with a number of notable companies, including Coles, Mecca and Nike, to name a few. She is well-versed in understanding company cultures and implementing appropriate candidates to match their specific needs. Six Degrees works specifically for executive recruitment in Digital, Marketing, Sales, Supply Chain, Procurement, Engineering & Operations and McInerney is highly qualified to help businesses in these fields.

#4 Robert Walters

Robert Walters built his recruitment business (which goes by his name) in London in 1985. Since then, the company has evolved into a global brand that is renowned for its skills in recruiting ideal candidates for businesses big and small. CEO Robert Walters is the mastermind behind it all and has had decades of experiencing working with various companies to fulfil their needs. His work in Australia is no exception and part of what makes him one of the best recruitment experts in Australia.

#5 Emily McLeod

Emily McLeod launched WOW Recruitment in 2017 and has quickly developed it into one of Australia’s leading recruitment agencies. She is known for her thorough research and the relationship that she builds with her clients. WOW Recruitment specialises in recruiting for Sales and Account Management, Marketing and PR, Contact Centre and Customer Service, Business Services, Retail, and Tech. McLeod aims to deliver candidates to these clients who offer unique ways of thinking and can truly further a business.