Bashar Ibrahim, a computer scientist specializing in artificial intelligence and big data, has spearheaded the research into artificial intelligence for use in business. His work focuses on how neural networks and machine learning can be used to process big data in order to help businesses make important decisions.

Originally working in software engineering, Bashar Ibrahim realised the importance of both big data and artificial intelligence, and knew that it would blow up in the world of business. He decided to go into computer science research and spends his time on projects focusing on artificial intelligence and its uses in business.

Artificial intelligence is considered to be the future of technology and business.

Awareness of artificial intelligence has only somewhat recently become popular, and its implementation into business and tech has been exponential as a result. Artificial intelligence has many uses for a wide range of industries, namely in business where it can be used in banking, finance and other corporations. Big data, another newly praised field of tech, and artificial intelligence seem to go hand in hand, with neural networks being used to analyse data for businesses. It is able to process large amounts of data (big data) and then analyse it for businesses to visually see their data and use these results in order to influence their business decisions.

Through the use of his research and projects, corporations have gotten a better understanding of how artificial intelligence and big data can benefit their business. As a result of this, Bashar Ibrahim has been called in to numerous corporations as a consultant in order to help develop and recommend artificial intelligence and big data solutions for their businesses.

More recently, Bashar Ibrahim has started research into deep learning.

Deep learning is a more complex version of machine learning in which neural networks are relied upon to engage in non-linear reasoning. Deep learning is critical in order to perform more specific and complex functions such as fraud detection. This form of research has proved very valuable to those in the banking and finance industries, as these industries process a huge amount of data daily and are particularly susceptible to fraud and attacks.

Ibrahim’s research with deep learning has focused on the topic of self-driving cars, in which several factors must be identified, analysed and responded to at once. His research focuses on deep learning algorithms that are used to help self-driving cars contextualize information input which is received by their sensors, and help to provide solutions and information such as how fast the car is moving, the distance of other objects and a prediction of where they will be in the next few seconds. These decisions are calculated in order to help the car make decisions such as when to change lanes, and so on.

His research into deep learning is promising, as deep learning has massive potential in the business world. Past machine learning algorithms tend to plateau at a certain point in their capability. Deep learning aims to improve their performance continuously as data is received. As a result, deep learning models are much more scalable and independent, making them perfect for the business world. This can help businesses to save costs on labour as well as providing an accurate system that can benefit them greatly.

In summary, Bashar Ibrahim is a computer scientist who focuses on research to do with all aspects of artificial intelligence and big data. His research has proven to be highly beneficial to corporations within the business world and his work is continuously monitored for the corporation’s benefit.