Below is a list of the top and leading Weight Loss Centres in Perth. To help you find the best Weight Loss Centres located near you in Perth, we put together our own list based on this rating points list.

Perth’s Best Weight Loss Centres:

The top-rated Weight Loss Centres in Perth are:

  • Body Balancing Nutrition – teaches you how to correctly eat healthily
  • Cohen’s Weight Loss Clinic – offers highly personalised health programs
  • Betterhealth Clinic – takes a natural approach to weight loss
  • MHS Baldivis – provides cutting-edge technology and metabolic health services
  • On Your Mind Wellness Centre – helps you make the change you want easily and effortlessly

Body Balancing Nutrition

Body Balancing Nutrition weight loss centre in Perth

First up, we have Body Balancing Nutrition at the top of our list. At this top-notch weight loss centre, you will be taught how to reduce your body fat and increase your energy. To do this, their dietitians and nutritionists teach you the right ways of eating healthy.

Their step-by-step approach will help you reach your personal fitness targets. You will also learn how to maintain your ideal weight for the long-term. Send them a message today to get your own eating plan!


Weight Loss Programs, Healthy Eating Plans, and more


Address: 22 Emerald Terrace, West Perth WA 6005
Phone: (08) 9388 1166


“These guys were good, and this was speaking about 3 years ago now. One of the greatest investments I have ever made. They will give you skills for life around nutrition that works for you. 3 years after working intensely with body balance I have something to refer to when I really needed it. Thank you.” – Francis Baptist

Cohen’s Weight Loss Clinic

Cohen's Weight Loss Clinic in Perth

Cohen’s Weight Loss Clinic is a well-known clinic in the city. This is the weight loss centre for you if you want to lose weight fast. Their experts guide and support you as you make important decisions in changing your lifestyle for the better.

Moreover, their highly personalised health programs are backed up by medical and scientific research. They take the time to tailor these programs for you to achieve the best results. Moreover, their consultants are always ready to give you the expert advice you need.


Weight Loss Programs, Personalised Plans, and more


Address: Winthrop WA 6150
Phone: 0426 436 000


“I’m really happy with my results. Their team is very welcoming and supportive as well. Highly recommended.” – Jeffrey M.

Betterhealth Clinic

betterhealth weight loss clinic in Perth

Betterhealth Clinic comes next on our list. Here, you will meet Claudia Barreiro, a renowned practitioner and the owner of the clinic. She is dedicated to helping individuals and families achieve their optimum level of health.

To do this, she makes use of clinically proven natural treatments. If you are having problems with your nutrition, digestive system, and pain management, this is definitely the clinic for you. Browse through their website to learn more about what’s in store for you!


Weight Loss Treatments, Naturopathy Treatments, and more


Address: 16/16 Hammersmith Ct, Joondalup WA 6027
Phone: (08) 9300 0018


“I went to see Claudia after receiving bad news from my doctor suggesting the only way to achieve weight loss was through surgery. With Claudia’s help, through her knowledge and advice and the shake it program/formula,12 months later after I have lost over 40kg. Regular consultation kept me on track and I have been treated with respect and there was no judgment. A very pleasant experience. My doctor is astounded by my weight loss and much-improved health and blood test results.” – Lee C

MHS Baldivis

Metabolic Health Solutions in Perth

MHS Baldivis is a top-rated weight loss centre in Perth. They are known for their top-quality technology and metabolic health services. This team is committed to changing people’s lives for the better. This is through a range of reduced medication, weight loss, and improved fitness programs.

When you visit their clinics, you will meet their top-class practitioners. They design personalised nutrition and activity programs for you. Their cutting-edge technology monitors and manages your metabolic health. Send them a message today to learn more!


Weight Loss, Reduced Medication, and Fitness Programs


Address: Suite 6/7 Minden Ln, Baldivis WA 6171
Phone: (08) 9523 0523


“MHS has helped me start a journey which seemed out of reach, with the advice from the team I was able to step by step adjust my diet, implement more activity and overall feel great about myself, as a result, lost just over 10kg while being more active with less pain in my feet and joints, Food cravings are under control and the day to day grind of running after the kids seems to get easier each day.” – Bill Cox

On Your Mind Wellness Centre

On Your Mind Wellness Centre in Perth

Finally, On Your Mind Wellness Centre completes our list. The team at this wellness centre is dedicated to helping you let go of your fears and unwanted habits. They are highly trained and committed to helping you do so effortlessly and easily.

If you have lost faith in weight loss surgery, don’t lose hope just yet! Their experts have the solutions you need. Aside from weight loss programs, they also have solutions for anxiety and stress. Their hypnosis also helps you quit smoking too!


Programs for Weight Loss, Anxiety, Stress, and more


Address: Arve Lane, Brabham WA 6055, Midvale WA 6056
Phone: 0400 115 533


“After just two sessions with Amber (trust me I will be going back) I have had PROFOUND results in areas I have been struggling with for years. I have also experienced transformation in areas I hadn’t expected from the sessions. Also, I can not recommend this woman highly enough. I can not adequately put into words just how powerful working with Amber has been. This has permanently changed my life!” – Megan Fisher