Below is a list of the top and leading Travel Agents in Sydney. To help you find the best Travel Agents located near you in Sydney, we put together our own list based on this rating points list.

Sydney’s Best Travel Agents:

The top-rated Travel Agents in Sydney are:

  • Happy Travels Sydney – lets you find yourself in amazing places
  • Peterpans Adventure Travel – specializes in bringing you to the best sights of Australia
  • The Travel Authority Group – offers reimagined and renewed non-stop service
  • Celtic Travel Services – a full-service travel agency in central Sydney
  • Boutique Travel Services – tailors your holidays for a unique experience

Happy Travels Sydney

happy travels in sydney

Happy Travels Sydney comes first up on our list. Their goal is to help you find yourself in breath-taking and amazing places. For more than 20 years now, they have recommended, planned, and booked countless tours for their happy customers.

Moreover, this trusted and experienced team assures you that you will always get the most up-to-date information when it comes to your travel plans. With their impressive services, you will be able to immerse yourself in the beauty and culture of Australasia. Check out their website today!


Holiday Packages, Sailing Tours, Island Tours, and more


Address: Haymarket, 790 George St, Sydney NSW 2000, Australia
Phone: (02) 5633 1149


“Maddie, Joe, and Greta at Happy Travels George Street went out of their way to help me and my friends book the most amazing East Coast and Outback trip! The best thing about the company is that they are the only independent travel agency in the area which means you decide yourself which tours you book and they don’t force you to go with a certain operator or hostel (all they do is give advice and think along to choose the right one for you). In a way, you’re planning your own trip and they help you with all the stressful work you don’t want to deal with. Even when we had questions during our trip we could always call them and they would help us out right away. Cheers a lot guys!” – Youri van den Hurk

Peterpans Adventure Travel

peterpans travel agency in sydney

Peterpans Adventure Travel is a leading travel agency in the city. If you plan to go on a memorable trip around Australia, they are one of the best choices for you. Moreover, they also have special tour packages if you plan to go to New Zealand, Asia, and beyond.

Take a look at their different tours and packages on their website. Surely, you will find something to get your bucket list moving. When it comes to exclusive deals, they are the leading experts in Oceanic travel. Get in touch with them today!


Island tours, Camping Adventures, Reef Tours, Outback Tours, and more


Address: 39 Darlinghurst Rd, Sydney NSW 2011, Australia
Phone: (02) 9336 9332


“I love this place so much! every time you walk in you feel so welcomed!
the team is lovely and so friendly and easy to connect with. they really listen and give you all the time you need, not pushing or rushing.. just want you to have the most amazing experience. The shop manager Andre always goes the extra mile with a huge smile on his face! he jumps in to help with anything he can and lets you feel like your an important priority no matter how busy he is at the moment. Thank you just for a great experience!” – Neta Rozen

The Travel Authority Group

travel authority group in sydney

The Travel Authority Group comes next on our list. If you are looking for reimagined and renewed travel agency services, this is the agency for you. Since 2004, they have been bringing their customers on worthwhile and breath-taking adventures around the world.

Truly, you can count on them to expertly handle all your travel arrangements. They also cater to corporate travels, cruises, and conferences. For one of the best specialist travel service providers in Sydney, The Travel Authority Group is the one to call today.


Cruises, Corporate Trips, Conferences, Holiday Packages


Address: Suite 4/1 Oxford St, Sydney NSW 2010
Phone: (02) 8437 1111


“Sarah and her team were sent from heaven when I needed them the most. I was stuck in Europe during COVID where I left to deal with a difficult family situation. My initial return got canceled. I was told to book a business class ticket which I did. This got canceled too. I was stuck in Europe for 5 weeks at this point and reached to Sarah who thru her contacts and people she knew was able to get me a flight home to Sydney. It was a challenge and while many of my friends are still stuck in Europe I was lucky to get back home thanks to this woman. She has earned a client for life. Cannot recommend enough.” – Monika Kruk

Celtic Travel Services

celtics travel agency in sydney

Celtic Travel Services is a sought-after travel agency in Sydney.  You can find this full-service travel agency in the centre of the city. Being an Irish-owned and operated travel agency, their goal is to let you experience the beauty of Ireland in the best way possible.

In addition to that, they also offer exciting holiday packages to the South Pacific. If you need to go on a corporate trip to Asia, you can count on them as well. In addition to that, they have access to the best airfares with the world’s biggest airlines. Book an accommodation with them today!


Holiday Packages, Business Trips, Online Booking


Address: 5/4 Bridge St, Sydney NSW 2000
Phone: (02) 8243 2600


“Absolutely brilliant. Pleasant, extremely knowledgeable and helpful, initially by phone and now on our visit. 😊” – Bruce Judith John

Boutique Travel Services

boutique travel agency in sydney

Finally, Boutique Travel Services completes our list. If you are searching for the most experienced travel agency, this is the one for you. With their expertise, they can tailor down your holidays for you to have the most unique travel experience ever.

Moreover, they offer you a wide variety of holiday packages you can choose from. For more than 20 years, this independently owned and operated agency has gained a wealth of knowledge in the industry. Truly, they are committed to bringing the best options to their customers. Just ask their high number of complete clients!


Holiday Packages, Cruises, Group Travels, Corporate Travels, and more


Address: L14/22 Market St, Sydney NSW 2000
Phone: (02) 9299 1025


“Experienced. Great customer service. Highly recommended. Talk to Vanesa. She is a travel wiz!” – Damian Rynett