Below is a list of the top and leading Towing Services in Melbourne. To help you find the best Towing Services located near you in Melbourne, we put together our own list based on this rating points list.

Melbourne’s Best Towing Services:

The top-rated Towing Services in Melbourne are:

  • MSTOW – a 24-hour cheap car and truck towing service
  • Fast Melbourne Towing – a specialised towing service in Melbourne
  • Gardenstate Towing – available 24/7, 365 days a year
  • Tow Truck Melbourne – offers quick, affordable, and reliable services
  • Express Melbourne Towing – experts in transporting and towing cars, motorcycles, and trucks


mstown in melbourne

First up, we have MSTOW at the top of our list. This top-notch towing service offers reliable 24-hour towing services for cheap cars and trucks. If your car has suddenly broken down and you need a team to move it right away, these are the guys for you.

Truly, they have gained a respectable reputation as they have been offering quality services for years now. They pay a great deal of attention to detail and they ensure you that your cars are in the best hands. On top of that, they charge affordable rates.


Towing Services for Cars, Trucks, Trailers, Caravans, Sports Cars, and more


Address: 163 City Rd, Southbank VIC 3006
Phone: 0425 704 554


“Picked us up on a hot stinky day when we broke down in the city on a Sunday. Great guy and great service. Thanks, Tim & Nat” – Tim Clinnick

Fast Melbourne Towing

fast melbourne tow trucking service

Fast Melbourne Towing is a go-to towing service in the city. If you are in need of a trusted towing service anywhere in Melbourne, this is an excellent choice for you. You can count on their specialised towing services for all kinds of cars.

In addition to that, they also tow bigger and more unusual types of vehicles. They also offer roadside assistance for anywhere in the metro region. Check out their website to read the positive testimonials from their clients!


Specialised Towing for Cars and Trucks, Vehicle Lockouts, Emergency Services, and more


Phone: (03) 9021 3793


“Great service. Both the operator and driver were super friendly. Highly recommend.” – Armen A.

Gardenstate Towing

gardenstate towing in melbourne

Gardenstate Towing comes next on our list. This well-known towing service is ready to serve you any time and any day of the week. Truly, this fully-insured team of car and truck towers is just one call away. When you are in need of roadside towing and emergency services, they have got you covered.

In addition to that, they make use of cutting-edge equipment and fleets in their services. For your peace of mind, they utilize GPS tracking for all of their service vehicles.


Vehicle and Machinery Towing, Roadside Assistance, GPS Tracking


Address: 57-59 Church St, Abbotsford VIC 3067
Phone: (03) 9429 1234


“Great towing company. Fantastic communication and jumped to my rescue when nationwide completely left me in the lurch after promising to pick up my vehicle. Much cheaper than nationwide, and that’s even with the so-called ‘RACV discount’ that nationwide offers customers.” – Paul Dunn

Tow Truck Melbourne

tow trucks in melbourne

Tow Truck Melbourne is a top-rated towing service in the capital. They are also known for their affordable, fast, and efficient towing services here in Melbourne. They are available every day and every hour of the week as well.

Whenever you are caught up in a roadside emergency, they will be there on time to help you. In terms of vehicles, they cater to cars and heavy-duty machinery. Truly, they have all the tow trucks for all sizes of vehicles. Give them a call today!


Car and Machinery Towing, Accident Recovery, Roadside Assistance


Address: 248 Lonsdale St, Melbourne VIC 3000
Phone: (03) 7018 4515


“Great towing service, we booked for our family in Melbourne. The process was easy and al with good pricing. Thank you and highly recommend.” – Denise Pulver

Express Melbourne Towing

express melbourne towing

Finally, Express Melbourne Towing completes our list. These are your experts when it comes to towing all types of vehicles – cars, motorcycles, caravans, and everything in between. They also offer reliable 24-hour emergency services in the city. As a matter of fact, they have been one of the top preferred towing companies for years.

Aside from their expertise in towing, they are also known for their cash for cars service. If you have an old vehicle that you no longer need, you can sell it to them for the right price. Check out their website to learn more!


Car Towing, Emergency Roadside Assistance, Express Towing, and more


Address: 4/30 First Ave, Sunshine VIC 3029
Phone: 0416 600 353


“Great experience with getting my car towed to the workshop. Highly recommended, most trusted towing company! Arrived quickly on the spot and started the towing process without wasting time. Prices were economical comparable to what I’ve paid last to other towing companies. Very courteous, professional, and adopt a customer-centric approach to offer maximum comfort to their customers.” – Rhonda Richards