There’s nothing quite like the acoustics and sensation of waltzing on a sturdy and high-quality timber floor in your home. It adds a certain gravitas and aesthetic that cannot be replicated by other alternatives in the same way. The sound the style, the feel, all emanates from a sturdy and solid wooden floor – there are more and more reasons to get one in Sydney as well.

The notion of a solid hardwood floor often jacks the price of a typical home straight up in many ways, mostly due to their reputation as being a little more sophisticated than your run of the mill alternative and in Sydney, there is no shortage of options for you and yours to have the floor you’ve always dreamed of.

Here are the top 3 suppliers of timber floors in Sydney.

3 Best Timber Floor Suppliers in Sydney

#1 Oz Timber FloorSydney supplier of timber floors

Oz Timber Floor have the whole package waiting for you, with a great selection of all types of timber flooring solutions at the helm, their care is more in the quality of the material which is why they’re the number 1 choice. Their oak and solid timber range has added immense value to countless homes already in their storied history in the city.

From their free measure and quote to the incredibly affordable pricing across their range – Oz Timber Floor has set the benchmark for the citizens of Sydney.

#2 Floor VenueTimber floors Sydney

Floor Venue have a slightly different edge about them. A little more of a newer company in comparison, the good people at Floor Venue have a focus on keeping their clients needs at the forefront. Their range extends to all types of wood and material alternatives at somewhat affordable prices for the average Sydneysider.

Bonus points have to go to the developers as there is an easy-to-follow guide on how to choose, purchase and install your new addition.

#3 Precision FlooringTimber floors Sydney suppliers

Precision Flooring rounds off the list with a slightly more sophisticated aesthetic being presented. Being around for over 20 years, they cater to a much more sophisticated Sydneysider, and it shows with the air of quality that is apparent.

From their service to execution, there’s something about Precision that gives a very ‘extra’ feel, and it’s working gangbusters for their clientele.