MindStir Media is a global self publishing brand that is now making its mark in Australia. The renowned company is known for its ability to get books of all genres successfully published, distributed, and placed in front of the eyes of the right audience. The Australian market requires close attention to detail and knowledge of specific publishing tactics to be navigated successfully. MindStir Media has proven that, despite their global status, they have a deep understanding of the Australian market and can assist Australian authors in every step of the publishing journey.

Self publishing is the preferred route for many budding authors as it allows them to retain control over the story that they have worked so hard on. While this creative control is of value to authors, they usually also require assistance with the various procedural aspects of publishing. This is where MindStir Media’s services become necessary. They offer a variety of packages to authors in Australia and around the world, guaranteeing them distribution with some of the major retailers in the country. The services offered when working with MindStir Media include guidance from a bestselling author, editing, printing, distribution, ghostwriting services, custom book design, marketing, and much more.

The PR services are one of the most attractive parts of signing with MindStir Media as an Australian author. The team at MindStir Media have connections with major news publications and are able to get your book recognized by them. This means that websites with millions of Australian readers each day will be promoting your book to their audience. This is invaluable to the success of your book and can even lead to getting your work on a best seller list. The appeal of this is why Australian authors are choosing MindStir Media. Major Australian book retailers are partnered with MindStir Media, meaning that authors will guarantee themselves successful distribution of their book. Depending on the package that you select, you may also receive distribution in other countries from all around the world.

As an Australian author looking to make an impact in the market, MindStir Media is the publishing company to use. The self publishing aspect means that you can retain up to 100% of the royalties from your book and guarantees that you have full creative control in the marketing and promotion of your book. This publishing company is one of the best choices in Australia.