When you smile in front of the mirror, you want to see a pearly white reflection in front of you. This is the aim of so many brands of toothpaste, mouth hygiene products and specialised products throughout our lifetime. There are more options than ever for the average Melbournian to have a sheen and shiny smile to be a permanent fixture of their aesthetic.

Narrowing these options to 3 was easy enough once a few factors were thrown into play, pricing, convenience, service, and efficacy.

Here are your best 3 choices for teeth whitening services in Melbourne.

3 Best Teeth Whitening Services in Melbourne

#1 Main Street DentalMelbourne teeth whitening dentist

Main Street Dental top the list with their customer services and advice. When we say teeth whitening services, this does not simply extend to in-chair arrangements. On the contrary, the service provided by Main Street Dental goes far and beyond the call of an in-chair technician. They offer in-chair but have a direct focus in home coaching and supervision of your teeth whitening journey.

Main Street have always separated themselves from the other dental surgeries in Melbourne for this reason, the results speak for themselves as the outpatient testimonials speak nothing but high praises for their dedication and service to the community. When you want a whiter smile, it’s best to consult these professionals.

#2 Smile Ave.Whitening teeth services

Smile Avenue have an eclectic mix of services available to them when it comes to whitening your smile. Housing an impressive array of options for their clients, the Melbournian dentist surgery caters to all budgets and comforts.

There are in-house extreme treatments that are more costly, all the way to take home mini kits for around a hundred dollars. Having a decent reputation is quite affirming in their number 2 position for teeth whitening services.

#3 AesthetikTeeth whitening Melbourne

Aesthetik have a boutique feel and aesthetic about them from the get-go. Their service is quite impressive, with all that you’d expect from a more upper-class choice, complete with the pre-treatment for whitening, the in-house whitening and the follow up care all packaged together.

There’s truly no stone left unturned when it comes to their level of quality and results from their testimonials.