Whether you’re a real gearhead, an aspiring mechanic, or an established one looking to upgrade the products you currently have. The focus is always on quality assurance, reliability and of course, price. Safety is of course another priority and should always be considered when handling dangerous or heavy-duty activities.

There is no shortage of workshop equipment available to buy from wholesalers and sellers around the country, each supplier touting to have the best connections and the lowest prices. The following 3 suppliers were selected based on a number of stringent factors relating to price, service, quality, exclusivity, and testimonial evidence.

3 Best Suppliers Of Auto Shop Equipment in Australia

#1  JonairSupplier auto shop equipment Australia

Jonair has the whole package, being one of the most trusted and efficient suppliers of auto shop equipment in the country, they compound this reputation by providing some of their own affordable versions of commonly expensive workshop products at affordable and sustainable prices.

They’ve partnered up some exclusive deals with Italian manufacturers to offer some very high-end and top-tier quality additions to any workshop. Bonus points go for their service as they have technicians on the phones during the week to give sound advice to those who are having difficulty with any device.

#2 Garage Equipment DirectEquipment for Australian auto shop

Garage Equipment Direct is a great all-rounder offering for those looking to break into their first purchases. They carry a wide range of auto solutions that come with a detailed breakdown of what they can and cannot do.

Established in 1994, these guys are well equipped and well versed in getting the right tool to the right place, and their prices and service cannot be faulted.

#3 Joel’s Garage GearAustralian auto suppliers

Joel’s Garage Gear has the down to earth mentality that cannot be denied. Their blue-collar approach and professionalism are hard to pass up as they practice what they preach in using their own tools for the jobs they offer.

Their supply is rather well-regarded, and the prices are in the mid-range for those who know what they’re doing. The extended 3 year warranty on all original products is a great bonus