Below is a list of the top and leading Supermarkets in Sydney. To help you find the best Supermarkets located near you in Sydney, we put together our own list based on this rating points list.

Sydney’s Best Supermarkets:

The top-rated Supermarkets in Sydney are:

  • Woolworths Town Hall – the ultimate destination for healthy grocery items
  • Thai Kee IGA Supermarket – brings you a wide range of Asian and Western groceries
  • Coles World Square – offers insurance, personal loans, and credit cards
  • Miracle Supermarket – your go-to Asian food emporium
  • Maloneys Grocer – a good place for good food

Woolworths Town Hall

Woolworths Supermarket in Sydney

First up, we have Woolworths Town Hall at the top of our list. With numerous Woolworths around the country, you can expect the same high-quality services and products here in their Sydney CBD branch. Truly, this is the best place where you can shop for the freshest and healthiest grocery items in the city.

For your convenience, you can opt to have your groceries delivered right to your doorstep. You can even choose the time for when these will be delivered to you. Browse through their website to see the extensive range of products they have in store for you!


Fresh Produce, School Essentials, Gift Cards, Delivery Services, and more


Address: Shop 1248/Cnr Park street &, George St, Sydney NSW 2000
Phone: (02) 8565 9275


“Great CBD location. lots of good Easter specials, choices, and on-site sushi fridge, very busy at peak times, quite spacious and a few levels accessed by escalators.” – Gordy Featherston

Thai Kee IGA Supermarket

Thai Kee Supermarket in Sydney

Thai Kee IGA Supermarket is a top-rated supermarket here in the city. You can find this family-owned store located in the heart of Sydney’s Chinatown. You can expect top-quality Asian and Western grocery products here every time you visit.

In addition to that, numerous restaurants and service establishments rely on Thai Kee IGA Supermarket to keep their businesses going. They stock up on a wide array of frozen goods, snacks, sweets, instant meals, drinks, and many more. Sign up today to get $5 off of your first order!


Asian and Western Food, Drinks, Beauty Items, and more


Address: 9-13 Hay St, Haymarket NSW 2000
Phone: (02) 9211 3150


“A Haymarket institution always worth dropping in for pretty much any Asian and non-Asian item you may need. Great selection of snacks and drinks to take home.” – Mary T

Coles World Square

Coles Supermarket in Sydney

Coles World Square comes next on our list. This line of supermarkets has been part of Australian families’ lives for more than a century now. Today, it remains one of the leading supermarkets in the country that bring you the freshest and finest produce. They also have innovative products in store for you.

Aside from providing a wide range of grocery items, you can also avail of insurance, credit cards, and personal loans at Coles. For your convenience, you can have your groceries delivered right to you. Download the Coles App today to score great deals!


Fresh Produce, Credit Cards, Personal Loans, Fuel, and more


Address: 650 George St, Sydney NSW 2000
Phone: (02) 8275 8600


“Larger than I thought it would be. Has a decent selection of international products as well, from Asian, subcontinent, NZ, British Isles, and Caribbean.” – Christopher Lowe

Miracle Supermarket

Miracle Supermarket in Sydney

Miracle Supermarket is a popular supermarket in Sydney. This is the place to be if you are looking for an exciting and convenient Asian shopping experience. Truly, this place is known as the world-class Asian food emporium here in the city.

Since they opened their first store back in 1996, Miracle Supermarket has been at the forefront when it comes to providing grocery items from different parts of Asia. No doubt, you will find your favourite food items from countries like Vietnam, Thailand, Korea, China, Japan, and more on their shelves!


Fresh Produce, Homeware, Snacks, Condiments, and more


Address: 644 George St, Sydney NSW 2000
Phone: (02) 9267 6041


“They have everything here. Plus the aisles are nice and wide, with plenty of room without getting in the way of other shoppers. I’ll be back for sure and I will highly recommend this to everyone.” – Brejo Tania

Maloneys Grocer

Maloney's Grocer Market in Sydney

Finally, Maloneys Grocer completes our list. This is your go-to-market if you are in search of the finest gourmet items. Moreover, this family-owned line of grocery stores has been supplying high-quality grocery items for more than 15 years now.

To give their customers the best products, they carefully handpick their produce and taste the grocery items themselves. Likewise, they also partner with trusted local suppliers. Their in-store staff is known for their exceptional customer service as well. Stop by Maloneys Grocer today!


Fresh Produce, Homewares, Sweets, Condiments, and more


Address: 4/490 Crown St, Surry Hills NSW 2010
Phone: (02) 9331 3811


“Fantastic boutique grocer, it is definitely expensive but has some great quality products.” – Paris Blake