There is no denying the inherent sound and sensation of walking on a fresh and sturdy timber floor. In fact, having a timber floor has more benefits than simple aesthetic beauty and grace. Having a pristine and durable floorspace for the interior is known to increase house prices and value, last longer than alternative flooring, and be more suitable for cooler and warmer months.

Yes, a timber floor in Melbourne is certainly the superior choice for many homeowners in the windy city. When it comes time to install or upgrade your timber floor, the real choice comes in. With so many providers on the market offering a wide variety of options, finishes and services, it can be hard to determine where to even begin.

The following suppliers separate themselves from the pack with a mix of good value, sturdy materials and impeccable service.

3 Best Superior Timber Floor Providers of Melbourne

#1 Quality Timber FlooringTimber floor providers best in Melbourne

Quality Timber Flooring is no stranger to keeping quality a moniker of their service. The team at Quality Timber Flooring have been in the business for over 15 years and have the experience that no other company can offer.

Their range is impeccable, their services are unmatched and the fixed pricing that they are famous for are a few of the reasons that Quality Timber Flooring live up to their name in the Melbourne community.

#2 Everist TimberMelbourne provider timber floors

Everist Timber are a family-owned enterprise and have been serving the community since 1982. Their range and service are amongst the best in the business with a notable dedication and guarantee of promptness and assuredness that the job isn’t completed until the client is satisfied.

Their supply range has to be an honourable mention here as they have unprecedented access to a wide variety of quality wood suppliers and can offer a unique flooring for your home.

#3 Smarter Timber FlooringMelbourne timber flooring

Smarter Timber Flooring have 40 years of collective experience in their name.

In a tempestuous weather environment like Melbourne, the traditional means simply do not cut the mustard, Smarter Timber Flooring have dedicated their expertise to producing and supplying a range of engineered options that can withstand ever-changing environments.