Below is a list of the top and leading Sleep Clinics in Brisbane. To help you find the best Sleep Clinics located near you in Brisbane, we put together our own list based on this rating points list.

Brisbane’s Best Sleep Clinics:

The top-rated Sleep Clinics in Brisbane are:

  • Sleep Clinic Services – an in-home sleep study preferred by patients
  • Philips Sleep Services – pioneered the use of portable diagnostic technology
  • Brisbane Baby Sleep Clinic – helps transition your children into their own bed
  • Brisbane Snoring – an advanced and professional clinic
  • The Baby Sleep Company – the best baby sleep consultants

Sleep Clinic Services

sleep clinic services in brisbane

First up, we have the Sleep Clinic Services at the top of our list. If you opt to stay in the comfort of your home, this is the one for you. With their services, you no longer need to in an actual hospital or sleep clinic. This is the in-home sleep study that is preferred by patients in the region.

Truly, they bring the best technology right to your door. This quality healthcare provider in the country guarantees you a successful diagnosis. In addition to that, they provide effective treatments for severe sleep apnoea. Check out their website to learn more today!


Treatments and Devices for Sleep Apnoea, Delivery


Address: National Head Office, Level 23/127 Creek St, Brisbane City QLD 4000
Phone: 1300 246 637


“This is the best thing I have done, I wake up with more energy not wanting to have asleep through the day, the mind is more clearer, I’m not grumpy. The sleep Clinic Services will help you all the way, if you’re having trouble sleeping, snoring, or worried about how it affects your work, stop worrying I got my MC license back and I now found myself a job Just give them a call ask for Mo say William sent you, you will never look back.” – William Currell


Philips Sleep Services

philips sleep services in brisbane

Philips Sleep Services is a leading provider of sleep services in the capital. They also believe that the best place for a diagnostic sleep study is where you normally sleep. They bring the best in portable diagnostic technology right to your doorstep.

As a matter of fact, they are recognized as the country’s most preferred supplier of sleep services devices. With their award-winning services, you will get to fully enjoy the benefits of proper sleep. Whether you live in the city or remote areas, you will be able to enjoy their services. Get in touch with them today!


Sleep Apnoea Solutions and Products


Address: Cadogan House (Ground Floor), 1382 Sandgate Rd, Nundah QLD 4012
Phone: 1800 830 517


“Clean, kind, outstanding. The young man helping was truly helpful! I am deeply indebted!” – Joseph Ireland

Brisbane Baby Sleep Clinic

brisbane baby sleep clinic

Brisbane Baby Sleep Clinic comes next on our list. Here, you will meet Dr. Beth Shirley. She is a qualified general practitioner with a special interest in baby and child sleep.

If you have unsettled babies and want your children to transition into their own bed, Dr. Shirley is the one for you to call. She and her caring team cater to babies and preschool children who have night terrors and anxiety around bedtime. Get in touch with this top-notch sleep clinic today!


Treatments for Baby and Child Sleep


Address: 639 Stanley St, Woolloongabba QLD 4102
Phone: (07) 3161 0377


“I have personally had a great experience with Dr. Beth. My little one (6months old) has had a terrible time sleeping from birth and Dr. Beth has been very helpful in explaining what is normal and advises reassuring ways to subtle help my little one. Unfortunately, there is no miracle solution to get babies to sleep but her approach and expertise have been very helpful to a sleep-deprived mum. She is also very generous with her time and truly cares for her clients. Thanks!” – Angela Loucaides

Brisbane Snoring

brisbane snoring sleep clinic

Brisbane Snoring is a sought-after sleep clinic in Brisbane. As a matter of fact, it is a well-known advanced and professional clinic in the city. Here, they provide clients with revolutionary treatments for sleep apnoea, snoring, and insomnia.

Moreover, they are known for their laser snoring treatment. This procedure has an impressive 80% success rate. They understand that snoring cannot go away by itself, so you can count on them for that extra push you need. Check out their website for more details today!


Treatments for Sleep Apnoea, Insomnia, Snoring


Address: 9a/12 Endeavour Blvd, North Lakes QLD 4509
Phone: (07) 3482 2999


“What a great experience and awesome early results! From the moment I walked in Colin and his staff took great care of me. My consultation was clear and informative and the procedure was pain-free. After one laser snoring treatment my snoring has significantly reduced and losing some weight has also helped (thanks for the tip Colin). I will be back for another session soon!” – Mark

The Baby Sleep Company

the baby sleep co in brisbane

Finally, The Baby Sleep Company completes our list. You can trust these baby sleep consultants to help you and your baby fight sleep deprivation. As a matter of fact, they are the country’s leading team of committed and caring sleep professionals.

With their help, they bring you the best sleep solutions that your whole family can benefit from. If you are a new parent, letting your baby sleep may lead to your pure exhaustion and lack of sleep. They stay true to their goal of lending you a helping hand as they guide you through the proper sleep process.


Baby and Child Sleep Consultation, In-Home Overnight Services, Fly-In Services


Address: Indooroopilly, 25 Burns St, Brisbane City QLD 4068
Phone: 1300 961 580


“Katie is the best. So honest, realistic, and supportive. She doesn’t just have one method or trick, Katie works with you to understand what approach you want to take and put in place something that is tailored to you and is sustainable for your family. Always available to check-in and update!” – Alison Block