Buying a new home is an exciting journey; however, choosing where and what you should buy can be overwhelming. Especially when it comes to looking at land developments. There are a number of on point estates out there that hit the right notes when it comes to balancing what’s important to most people. Have a think about what matters to you most, is it home design, location, amenities? Think of a list of must-haves so that you find what you need on your house search.

Many people are often divided when it comes to deciding whether they should buy established or new. There are a number of fabulous reasons to consider buying into an on point estate, here are just a few:

Location and amenities

Any on point estate worth its salt will have location and amenities galore, that’s what makes them such a favourite with young families. Some development are located on the edges of cities centres or far away from older, more established suburbs, this can be an issue, especially if you work close to the city or want to access inner-city amenities. With more and more people working flexibily, or from home, this might not be an issue for you and your family.

For certain new developments, there might not yet be enough of an infrastructure around public transport or roads to easily get you from point A to point B, it’s important to consider what your commute will be before choosing a home. If you’re worried that a certain area would be a considerable distance to certain amenities, or essentials like hospitals and schools then it might not be a good idea to move out that far.

Luckily, many of the most on point estate options re located in ready-made hubs and inner-city areas with already established infrastructure around schools, childcare, supermarket and cafes. Many will also build stunning parks, playgrounds and walking tracks for new residents to enjoy. These new settings are prioritising community to make more enjoyable places to live.

Housing options

If you’re looking for brand new housing then an on point estate is very likely the option for you. The houses built in these development are often sparkly and new and can be extremely affordable. Developers often throw in a range of bonuses for new buyers, and you might be eligible for a range of government grants and schemes which could help you pay a lower deposit or get into the home of your dreams sooner.

You will likely also find your housing options and block sizes are much larger in newer developments. This is both because established suburbs tend to be more expensive, which means you get less for your dollar and also because older homes were often built smaller. Trends have changed over time and many home owners now enjoy large, open plan home designs.

Return on investment

Another thing to think about when buying into new developments is the possible return on investment that you can expect to receive. Historically, most new properties and build will see a good increase in value over time making them a great return on investment.

Who is the developer

It’s important to look into the reputation of the developer responsible for building or selling the housing and blocks in the area that you are considering. Not all developers are equal and it’s important to ensure that you work with one that have a good reputation for quality, return on investment and positive experiences with their customers and clientele. No one wants to lose out on their hard earned cash.