Self storage facilities are immensely helpful for people from all walks of life. They allow you to store items which are not needed currently in a secure facility so that you can retrieve them later for use. These facilities are especially helpful for those who own businesses or who are moving or renovating houses.

This is because there is often seasonal stock when it comes to running a business such as a café, and this stock needs to be stored for the next coming months. A secure facility can be used for this and the stock retrieved when the time comes for its need.

When renovating or moving houses, furniture can be stored to move into a new property when needed.

If you are looking for self storage facilities providers in Australia, here are the best 3.

3 Best Self Storage Facilities Providers in Australia

#1 Safe n SoundSelf storage facilities Australia

Safe n Sound Self Storage is one of the best self storage facilities providers in Australia. They are an award winning provider who is based in various locations such as Newcastle, Lake Macquarie, Hunter Valley, Port Macquarie and Central Coast locations.

Their website offers an easy to follow process in which you estimate your space and receive a quote, as well as being given a free truck driver for your items!

A great place to go to.

#2 KennardsStorage facilities self storage

Kennards is one of the most recognizable brands on this list. They offer self storage facilities across the entirety of Australia and are well known for their quality services.

They have a number of different storage options including personal storage, business, cellars for wine and gun lockers. You will be able to find something for you and your situation here.

#3 National StorageSelf storage provider Australia

National Storage provides storage units for over 70,000 customers across Australia. They have over 200 centres located around the country, and have been providing their services for over 20 years now.

With 24/7 access, alarmed units, driveway units and so much more, National Storage is the way to go for all your self storage needs, regardless of who you are.