Below is a list of the top and leading Scaffolders in Canberra. To help you find the best Scaffolders located near you in Canberra, we put together our own list based on this rating points list.

Canberra’s Best Scaffolders:

The top-rated Scaffolders in Canberra are:

  • Rovera Scaffolding – meets the challenges of modern-day construction
  • MPR Scaffolding – delivers efficient and effective scaffolding services
  • Transom Scaffolding Canberra – offers a wide array of scaffolding
  • Alto Scaffolding – provides a wide range of scaffolding solutions
  • ACT Mobile Scaffold and Access – offers quality products and personalized services

Rovera Scaffolding

rovera scaffolding in canberra

First up, we have Rovera Scaffolding at the top of our list. This top-notch company is lead by a strong managerial and technical team. They are dedicated to providing you with the best solutions for modern-day construction services.

To give you the best, they are equipped with the latest manufacturing, testing, and inspection facilities. Their top-quality services and products come at reasonable prices as well. Truly, you can only expect outstanding scaffolding solutions from this team.


Aluminium Towers, Loading Platforms, Swing Stages, and more


Address: 30 Tralee St, Hume ACT 2620
Phone: (02) 6260 1422


“The only scaffolding service I can trust for my projects. Highly recommended.” – Earl L.

MPR Scaffolding

mpr scaffolding in canberra

MPR Scaffolding is a trusted name in the construction industry. This local-owned company is known for its effective and efficient scaffolding solutions. As a matter of fact, they have worked on a variety of construction projects such as residential and commercial properties.

Moreover, this team specializes in steel scaffolding. The applications of this type of service include perimeter scaffolding and edge protection. For organized and accredited scaffolding services, give them a call today!


Design, Installation, Dismantling, and Transport of Scaffolding


Phone: 0405 802 058


“MPR offers an efficient and reliable service. I would recommend.” – Jodie Giugni

Transom Scaffolding Canberra

transom scaffolding in canberra

Transom Scaffolding Canberra comes next on our list. Here, you will surely be impressed by their wide array of scaffolding services. This team brings you genuine products and a high standard of customer service.

Rest assured, they are efficient and professional when it comes to their services. They offer competitive prices as well. Whether you have a residential, commercial, or high-rise construction coming up, you will need this team by your side. Call them today and see how they can help you!


Residential, Commercial, and High-Rise Scaffolding


Address: Canberra ACT 2601
Phone: 1300 771 300


“The team at Transom was so approachable and easy to talk to. They offered me the best scaffolding services I could find in the city.” – H. A.

Alto Scaffolding

alto scaffolding in canberra

Alto Scaffolding is a sought-after name in the business. This top-notch team caters to those in the capital and its surrounding regions. They have the expertise and experience that you can surely rely on. Since 2015, they have worked on several projects here in the ACT.

When it comes to reliable and skilled workmanship, they will definitely exceed your scaffolding expectations. You will be provided with innovative and effective solutions that are best for challenging and constricted locations. Get in touch with them today to find out how!


Residential, Commercial, and Industrial Scaffolding


Address: 15B Sleigh Pl, Hume ACT 2620
Phone: (02) 6260 2688


“From start to finish I have had nothing but an amazing experience with Alto since the moment they measured the job up until the scaffold was loaded onto the truck and left my site. The team was extremely professional and cannot fault a single thing in doing business with them. Even the scaffolders on site went to the next degree to make sure I was happy with it all and boy the finish of the layer system is amazing!” – Kozzie K.

ACT Mobile Scaffold and Access

act scaffold and access in canberra

Lastly, ACT Mobile Scaffold and Access completes our list. This world-class scaffolding team brings you the best in personalized services and quality products. They are also known as another go-to scaffolding service in the construction industry.

They provide a wide range of scaffold and access equipment. These include scissor lifts, boom lifts, and more. If you are into DIY projects, they have custom-set-ups available as well. They also stock up on aluminium planks that are made from the best materials.


Mobile Scaffolding, Access Equipment, Planks, and more


Address: Kendall Ave, Queanbeyan NSW 2620
Phone: 0467 446 695


“Quality products indeed. Highly recommended.” – Steve A.