When it comes to having any sort of business, there is always coverage that comes into the equation. This is true whether you sell pillows, hardware, or work on people’s hair – insurance plays a major role in it all. There are different levels of coverage of course, and like any insurance plan, there are different caveats that are dependent on the work you’re doing.

There are a great many specialist insurance brokers across the country, each offering a select amount of monetary peace of mind and stress alleviation when it comes to ensuring your enterprise in insured. For the salon owners amongst us, this is where the confusion can often begin.

There are many brokers across the country offering different levels of coverage, the following were chosen based on their value, coverage, professionalism, and reputation.

3 Best Salon Insurance Providers in Australia

#1 SalonSureAustralian provider salon insurance

SalonSure have the range of coverage options and plans that will suit any conceivable salon enterprise in the country. Being the leading provider of coverage in the country is no small task, and their attention to detail when it comes to different plans is awe inspiring. Covering mobile, laser, barbers, day spas, nail technicians, there’s no stone left unturned with SalonSure.

Their incredible customer service, dedication to tailoring the experience, and their well-versed knowledge in all facets of the beauty industry are a few reasons they’re number 1.

#2 SalonCoverInsurance Australian salons

SalonCover have the focus and precision to be one of the top contenders in the beauty insurance industry. They have a focus on many channels within the beauty industry and ensure that they maintain their status as the go-to for specificity in the insurance game.

They have a refreshing focus on their clients and have an open door policy when it comes to queries and questions pertaining to specifics in the often confusing insurance world.

#3 Sparrow InsuranceAustralian salon insurance

Sparrow Insurance have a wide berth and reach in the insurance game for Australia. Covering all aspects of beauty and salon insurance policies.

Headed by Sue Sparrow and her team of insurance specialists, Sparrow set the benchmark in terms of tailoring the experience for individual businesses and cutting out all the unnecessary jargon to get clients the coverage they need.