Top rated real estate agents in Toronto, NSW, list based on this rating points list. Toronto is a lakeside suburb near Lake Macquarie that presents a number of real estate opportunities. These can come in the form of tourist destinations and housing, which is definitely profitable in this area.

For these opportunities, you will need a good real estate agent and consultant to help you spot the best options on the market for a good return. With so many agents on the market, it can be hard to find the best ones for your situation.

Here are the 5 best realtors in Toronto for your real estate needs:

  1. David Tanchevski
David Tanchevski - real estate agents
David Tanchevski

David Tanchevski is the principal of Stone Real Estate. He is an agent with various properties under his wing and a vast wealth of knowledge on the real estate industry spanning around the Newcastle, Kahibah and Toronto area. He is well worth looking into if you are looking for a real estate agent who is experienced in the industry around the local area.

  1. Paul Avery
Paul Avery - real estate agents
Paul Avery

Paul Avery is a very successful real estate agent and director of Avery Property. He entered the business in 1978 and can help to sell a range of different properties including vacant blocks, waterfront homes, commercial and industrial developments as well as residential. His knowledge of the Toronto market is unparalleled and will help his clients to buy or sell successfully.

  1. Kristy McCabe
Kristy McCabe - real estate agents
Kristy McCabe

Kristy McCabe is a real estate agent based with Ray White Toronto, a well-known agency with locations across the entire world. Kristy has been awarded her platinum badge, meaning she is a recognised agent in the top 1% of the country. Her 5 star ratings and reviews on the Internet speak for themselves and she goes above and beyond for her clients.

  1. David Westerman
David Westerman - real estate agents
David Westerman

A partner to Altitude Real Estate, David Westerman is a proven real estate agent and sales consultant who knows the Toronto market very well. He is equipped with a Diploma of Finance and utilizes his 15 years in the finance industry in order to help those within the real estate market. David ensures his clients stay informed during the transaction process of the real estate industry which can often be complex and confusing. He is definitely a good choice for your real estate needs.

  1. Paul Campbell
Paul Campbell - real estate agents
Paul Campbell

One of the biggest names in real estate in Toronto, Paul Campbell acts as the director and a licensed real estate agent of LJ Hooker Toronto. He has repeatedly smashed records to do with the highest price sold for residential homes in the Toronto area. He is known to specialize in waterfront homes, earning him the nickname Mr Waterfront.

These realtors are all worth looking into if you are looking for an agent who will help you to achieve your real estate goals within the Toronto, NSW area.