When you’re looking to extend your property portfolio, or perhaps when you’re looking for that quiet escape to a smaller town, you can’t go past the wonderful sights and sounds of Wagga Wagga. There is something to be said about trusting the locals, especially when it comes time to find a piece of property to call your own – for investment or to live.

Being an up-and-coming town of investment, Wagga Wagga has a wide range of choices when it comes to the real estate agencies that can be your roadmap into the burgeoning city.

These three agencies were chosen in lieu of the goliaths that permeate Australian real estate and instead focus on the true aspects of home ownership that matter, the people.

3 Best Real Estate Agencies in Wagga Wagga

#1 PRD WaggaWagga Wagga best real estate agencies

PRD Wagga have the market cornered when it comes to keeping their values in tact and their feet on the ground when it comes to giving people in Wagga Wagga a home to call their own. Having a combined 100 years of experience in the field of home ownership with their skillsets extending outward toward leasing, property management, rural sales, commercial sales and much more.

The team at PRD Wagga may be small, but their efficient, determined and focused entirely on getting the right property to the right person.

#2 Fitzpatrick’s Real EstateAgencies Wagga Wagga real estate

Fitzpatrick’s is another locally derived real estate agency that has roots all throughout the immediate area and surrounding regions of real estate. Being around since 1950, and established in Wagga Wagga itself, the agency has solidified itself as a pillar of the community and offers a tailored and customer-centric focus.

Add their defined knowledge of the local region and you have a company that is immeasurably beneficial for first homeowners and investors alike.

#3 Kitson PropertyReal estate agency Wagga Wagga

Kitson Property is a family-owned real estate agency in the Wagga Wagga region that has their roots firmly planted in the community as well. While a smaller and more familial based enterprise, the agents of Kitson Property have a knack for giving a more personal touch to their business dealings.

A generational enterprise, Kitson will always strive to put their best foot forward and remain transparent in all their dealings which is most beneficial to those looking to get into the property game.