Quilting is an incredible artform that takes time and practice to master. Having a guide to help you along every stitch will make sure you become the best quilter possible. They’ll provide the best tips, advice, and inspiration for all your art projects.

With this, you’ll find that your patchwork will be the talk of the town. Here we’ve pieced together the patches with a list of the top 3 quilting magazines Australia has to offer.

3 Best Quilting Magazines in Australia

#1 Make ModernQuilting magazines in Australia

You’ll be in stitches after reading Make Modern, the leading quilting magazine Australia has the pleasure of providing. Each issue covers a range of topics from quick tips, advice from renowned quilters, Q&As, quilting pattern ideas and so much more!

It is your one-stop guide to all things quilting, jampacking over 100 pages per issue. With all these options, you will find yourself improving on all your quilting projects, making your quilting look less like a potato bag but more like a beautiful tapestry.

Make Modern aims to take a traditional art and make it relevant to contemporary audiences, spanning over 70 countries.

#2 Quilters CompanionAustralian magazines about quilting

Hit it or quilt it with Quilters Companion at your side! If you need a pal whether you don’t know how to do a particular quilting method or following a certain, this is the guide to help you on your art journey.

Every month you will have update on a variety of quilting projects run by quilters across the globe. From its many tips, advice columns, and extensive range of topics covered, Quilters Companion will be your best friend!

#3 HomespunMagazines Australia quilting

Homespun is next on the list for the top 3 quilting magazines in Australia. Covering not just quilting but everything in between relating to embroidery and sewing, Homespun aims to be your handbook to ace the art of the needle. Need-le we say more?

This magazine will offer inspiration and the best tools and tricks to make sure you are sewing together the finest projects whether it’s for home décor or as a gift.