When you have a brand that should be recognisable, a business that should be on the forefront of your field, and a name that should be on the tip of everyone’s tongue, chances are you’ve considered promotional merchandise.

It’s not out of the ordinary for companies to splurge a lot on expensive advertising campaigns and billboards, radio ads and television screens to get the name of their brand in the public sphere.

Promo merchandise cuts out the unnecessary spending and allows consumers to connect with a brand in the way they approach their everyday lives. This could be in the form of customised pens, shirts, hats, and other creative ventures.

The following were chosen for convenience, range, customer service and quality of products.

3 Best Promo Merchandisers in Australia

#1 Red Energy PromotionsAustralian best promo merchandisers

Red Energy Promotions have a fantastic array of styles, options and customisation tactics for you and your company to employ. Creating the perfect branding opportunity is made easy with the number 1 choice with everything from USB sticks to customised hats that espouse your branding and logo proudly.

Their top tier quality in materials and build solidify Red Energy as the ones to beat when it comes to personalising your brand at an extremely affordable price.

#2 Fresh PromotionsMerchandisers for promo Australia

Fresh Promotions have a very large catalogue at their disposal. Being one of the first promotional material companies to make it to the big time in Australia, the company boasts over 10,000 variations of products that can be accustomed and tailored for their client’s specifications.

It’s obvious to say that their incredibly vast range of options is a primary reason for their inclusion here. Their customer service also has to be mentioned as a strong foundational aside to their overall reputation.

#3 Chilli PromotionsBest Australian promo merchandisers

Chilli Promotions is one of the more modern takes on the whole industry. Adopting a more wholesome and strategic approach in their dealings with clients. Their base is very much the same as the other entrants on the list, with the added caveat of being more principally involved in the whole strategic process.

They have an encompassing and through line in their methodology and have an incredible and high-quality range of options that are sustainably sourced and ethically produced for bonus points.