Below is a list of the top and leading Pottery Shops in Sydney. To help you find the best Pottery Shops located near you in Sydney, we put together our own list based on this rating points list.

Sydney’s Best Pottery Shops:

The top-rated Pottery Shops in Sydney are:

  • Brookvale Ceramic Studio – Sydney’s premier ceramic and pottery studio
  • Claypool – a center for creative energy and like-minded people
  • Milly Dent Ceramic Studio – helps you reimagine a daily routine through unique ceramic goods
  • Motyaj Garden Studio – Australia’s most innovative range of pots and planters
  • Chinaclay – a combined floral studio and ceramics gallery

Brookvale Ceramic Studio

brookvale pottery shop in sydney

Brookvale Ceramic Studio is a premier pottery shop in Sydney. They have been in the business for over 30 years. Their team provides workshops and classes in contemporary and traditional ceramics. Additionally, they also offer hand-building pottery classes.

Aside from their classes, they also supply pottery supplies. In fact, they are Australia’s largest supplier of Mayco products. Delight in their wide range of pottery clay and glazes. Their pottery tools are top-notch as well. Their shop also has firing services for your pottery needs.


Classes, Workshops, Tools, and more


Address: 11/9 Powells Rd, Brookvale NSW 2100
Phone: (2) 9905 0264


“Most helpful and encouraging staff I’ve come across as a beginner in ceramics. I always feel welcome here in their studio.” – Robyn Turner


claypool pottery shop in sydney

Claypool is a community for all pottery lovers. It is run by Cherie Peyton, Sally Cooper, and Brett Stone. They opened their store in May 2013. Here, you join a center that is filled with creative energy.

Here, the studio’s members enjoy the environment. They are also equipped with extensive tools and facilities. This store has become a center for potters of all skill levels. In fact, their team is an integral member of the wider ceramics community. Aside from classes, they hold exhibitions and educational events for its members.


Classes, Firing Services, and more


Address: Claypool at Block J Studios, 1605 Botany Rd, Botany NSW 2019
Phone: (422) 392 502


“Absolutely fantastic experience. It was a relaxing and enjoyable environment. Claypool is an outstanding studio.” – Shelley Lal

Milly Dent Ceramic Studio

milly dent pottery shop in sydney

Milly Dent Ceramic Studio provides uniquely handcrafted ceramic goods. In fact, Milly Dent graduated from the University of New South Wales with a Bachelor of Design. She majored in Ceramic and Graphic Design. She has also had selected solo exhibitions over the past few years.

Her shop uses small-scale production methods to produce their items. She also makes use of geometric pattern work and distinctive marbling. This results in exquisite ceramic pieces that you will love. Her ceramics are inspired by the art of the natural world. This can be seen in the whirlpool of inky blues of her pots.


Ceramics, Exhibitions


Address: 55 Addison Rd, Marrickville NSW 2204
Phone: (400) 592 350


“Milly’s ceramics are beautiful gifts for a friend or even for yourself!” – Anna Michael

Motyaj Garden Studio

motyaj pottery shop in sydney

Motyaj Garden Studio was established in 1980. It is Australia’s most innovative supplier of all things pottery. They supply everything from garden pots to water features. Their extensive range of items is chosen carefully from around the world.

Check out their website for a full list of their items. You may just make it in time for their clearance sales. Customers like their small and indoor pots. They also have great selections of potting tools and equipment. Their features and accessories will also beautifully complement your garden.


Bowls, Pots, Wall Art, and more


Address: Shop 2/755-759 Botany Rd, Rosebery NSW 2018
Phone: (2) 8040 8740


“Great place to get any and all your pots.” – David Watson


chinaclay pottery store in sydney

Chinaclay is more than just your average pottery shop. It is also a well-loved floral studio. This store provides the best in bespoke seasonal flowers and handmade ceramics.

At present, the studio presents the work of 22 ceramic artists. They supply the beautifully handmade ceramics that you can see in their store. These artists vary in their skill levels and style. Surely, you will be able to find the best ceramics for you. Their staff is always ready to assist you as well. They will happily show you an information sheet about the artist behind your chosen ceramic piece.


Flowers, Pots, Weddings, Events


Address: 27 Burnie St, Clovelly NSW 2031
Phone: (2) 9665 3238


“This store supplied the best flowers with beautiful pots. They made my home even more beautiful. Thank you for your excellent service!” – Cherie Mae N.