Cosmetic tattooing is a popular method of beauty to get done not only in Sydney, but across the world. It involves tattooing on eyebrows so that you can achieve perfect looking eyebrows all the time.

Often, eyebrows involve a lot of maintenance through plucking, threading, waxing and so on. Hair always grows every day, and as such the maintenance must be regular. Cosmetic tattooing involves shaving off the eyebrows and having them tattooed on. This way, the eyebrows are the perfect shape and how you want them 24/7.

As it is a tattoo, it is important for the artist to be able to achieve the desired look for you, as it is permanent. For this reason, you need to look for a professional studio with proven results and a good track record.

If you are looking for the 3 best places to get cosmetic tattooing done in Sydney, here they are.

3 Best Places to Get Cosmetic Tattooing Done in Sydney

#1 Blossom BrowsSydney cosmetic tattooing places

Blossom Brows is one of the most highly rated beauty studios in Sydney, being critically acclaimed in Bazaar Magazine and Lifestyle Magazine.

They offer a number of services including microblade tattooing, lip tattooing, eyebrow tattooing and feathering. Everything you could ever need from a beauty studio to do with eyebrows can be found at Blossom Brows.

#2 Tanya Beauty CarePlaces Sydney cosmetic tattoos

Tanya Beauty Care does not only specialize in eyebrows, but also a variety of other services including eyeliner, lips, laser and scalp. Being one of the most popular beauty studios in Sydney, it is understandable why they are on this list.

Furthermore, they provide before and aftercare on their website for their customers.

#3 Mii BeautyTattooing cosmetic Sydney

Mii Beauty uses a microneedle pen to be able to tattoo on eyebrows for their clients. You have a choice between 3D and 6D styles which determines a more parallel look or a more natural look.

Located in the CBD of Sydney, Mii Beauty is easy to find and visit for your beauty needs. If you are considering eyebrow tattooing, then look no further than Mii Beauty for your required beauty desires.