For the best physiotherapy in Brisbane, it is important that you find an experienced and qualified physiotherapist who can get you relief from any injury. Particularly if you are a sport player, physiotherapy can be crucial for helping you maintain your health and fitness and ensuring that you are able to play at your very best. Look after your body with 5 of the best physiotherapy in Brisbane.

5 Best Physiotherapy in Brisbane

#1 Queen Street PhysiotherapyPhysiotherapy in Brisbane best treatment

Queen Street Physiotherapy provides sports, workplace and general physiotherapy in Brisbane. With no doctor referral required and same day appointments available, it is easier than ever to get professional treatment for any aches and pains that you are experiencing.

With remedial massage therapy also offered by Queen Street Physiotherapy and specialists offering everything from exercise physiology to women’s health physiotherapy, there is nothing that Queen Street Physiotherapy can’t fix for you. Their extensive knowledge and actionable treatment plans have achieved exemplary results for every one of their clients, allowing them to deliver some of the best physiotherapy in Brisbane.

#2 Allsports Physiotherapy Physiotherapy Brisbane clinic

Allsports Physiotherapy has become known for offering some of the best physiotherapy in Brisbane due to the range of services and convenient location in inner city Brisbane. The team is highly experienced and dedicated to helping their community.

With Allsports Physiotherapy, you can receive treatment for any ailment that you are experiencing. Whether it is a result of sport, or general strain, the talented team can offer the ultimate solutions for you to have you back to your best self.

#3 Brisbane City PhysiotherapyBrisbane best physio

Brisbane City Physiotherapy pride themselves on their hands on team of physiotherapists who specialise in any area of the body. Also offering acupuncture, reformer pilates and ergonomic assessments, Brisbane City Physiotherapy can provide holistic solutions for any industry.

With a convenient location and countless satisfied clients, this team have made a name for themselves as they continue to provide some of the best physiotherapy in Brisbane.

#4 Activate Health & FitnessBrisbane anytime physiotherapist

Activate Health & Fitness are dedicated to helping you fully understand your injury and its causes. Only then can you begin to treat it and also develop a plan to stop it from occurring again. This comprehensive approach to treatment and recovery is part of what makes them one of the best physiotherapy clinics in Brisbane.

All of their therapists stay up to date on research and training to ensure that you get the most professional and effective services. Activate Health & Fitness can be the ultimate solution that you have been searching for.

#5 Barefoot PhysiotherapyBrisbane clinic physiotherapy

Barefoot Physiotherapy begin their process with a full body assessment to analyse your nerves, movements, and joints. This allows them to develop comprehensive treatment plans and offer expert physiotherapy in Brisbane.

As leaders of the industry, they combine their extensive knowledge with friendly customer service skills to help you feel comfortable and relieved as you receive treatment for your injuries. Barefoot Physiotherapy can help you to realign your body and restore balance to your life.