Below is a list of the top and leading Pharmacies in Sydney. To help you find the best Pharmacies located near you in Sydney, we put together our own list based on this rating points list.

Sydney’s Best Pharmacies:

The top-rated Pharmacies in Sydney are:

  • CBD Pharmacies – focuses on patient-care in a fast-paced city environment
  • Hunter Connect Compounding Pharmacy – provides a wide range of medical and herbal products
  • Fresh Therapeutics – offers specialised compounding services
  • Priceline Pharmacy North Sydney – where you will meet friendly staff and trained cosmeticians
  • Quay Pharmacy – the perfect pharmacy for the seasoned traveller

CBD Pharmacies

CBD Pharmacy in Sydney

First up, we have the top-rated CBD Pharmacies starting off our list. You can find it conveniently located adjacent to the iconic Martin Place in the city. This registered pharmacy is a go-to place where you can easily receive and dispense electronic prescriptions, which are known as e-scripts.

Moreover, their team of top-class and friendly pharmacists focuses on delivering a high standard of patient care. You can surely rely on their highly efficient and knowledgeable team every time. For more information, check out their website today!


E-Scripts, Delivery Services, Integrated Therapies, and more


Address: 92 Pitt St, Sydney NSW 2000
Phone: (02) 9221 0091


“Staff are very helpful and friendly and the products are fairly priced for an independent pharmacy.” – Ashleigh

Hunter Connect Compounding Pharmacy

Hunter Compounding Pharmacy in Sydney

Hunter Connect Compounding Pharmacy is a well-known pharmacy in the city. In fact, it is conveniently located in the centre of the busy Sydney CBD. You will find a great range of medical and herbal products here. In addition to that, their professional team is dedicated to providing quality health services and medical advice to everyone that walks through their doors.

For your convenience, you can in touch with them and have your medications delivered via post. Send them a message today to learn more!


Medical Products, Herbal Products, Delivery Services


Address: 109 Pitt St, Sydney NSW 2000
Phone: (02) 9235 0406


“In my opinion, this is the best chemist in Sydney! Genuinely professional, helpful, and accommodating staff who go beyond and above for all of their customers. They have the friendly and personal touch that is missing in so many places today. Now my whole family uses this chemist (looking after three generations). Keep up the excellent work!” – Sam Kiloh

Fresh Therapeutics

Fresh Therapeutics Pharmacy in Sydney

Fresh Therapeutics comes next on our list. This established pharmacy offers a wide array of medical products and services. They are known for their specialised compounding services and professional services. Truly, they are committed to helping you get the best health management solutions.

You are assured that your health needs and well-being are always at the top of their priorities. With that, they provide trusted customised compounded medications, wellness plans, and medical advice just for you. Enquire on their website today!


Compounding Services, Wellness Plans, Medical Advice, and more


Address: m102/1 Bay St, Glebe NSW 2007
Phone: (02) 9281 6816


“I have been assisting My Mother and Brother with their scripts for years at Fresh Therapeutics Pharmacy and compound medicines. Jenny and the team are amazing. Always friendly, attentive, and cautious with their customers. Week in- week out, the team packs my family’s Webster Packs.” – Carol Likhorovitch

Priceline Pharmacy North Sydney

Priceline Pharmacy in Sydney

Priceline Pharmacy North Sydney is a trusted pharmacy in the capital. Here, you will meet friendly and accommodating pharmacists who are more than ready to give you the advice you need for various health concerns. You will also get to talk with trained cosmeticians that provide the best recommendations and advice.

Moreover, they stock up on the latest products that come at great prices.  It comes as no surprise that Priceline Pharmacy has remained one of the leading pharmacies in the country since 1982. Check out their website to learn more!


Pharmacy Services, Beauty Services, and more


Address: 65 Walker St, North Sydney NSW 2060
Phone: (02) 9955 1454


“Fantastic store, always clean and well priced.. great staff. Very helpful and polite.” – Pattie Allen

Quay Pharmacy

Quay Pharmacy in Sydney

Finally, Quay Pharmacy completes our list. This pharmacy is conveniently located under the railway station at Quay, Sydney. If you are a seasoned traveller in the country, this is surely your go-to pharmacy for all your travel medicine needs.

For your convenience, you don’t need to wait for your prescriptions to be dispensed. They also offer competitive prices for their products. In addition to that, you can also find travel accessories, passport photos, and memory cards on their shelves.


Prescription On File Service, Vitamins, Memory Cards, Travel Accessories, and more


Address: Circular Quay Station, E2-E3 Alfred Street, NSW 2000
Phone: (02) 9241 3566


“What a great find! I am sold on Kevin and Varun. They really both go above and beyond. Kevin took the time to explain what different medications do so I was able to make an informed choice. The shop is extremely comprehensive and various gives choices of similar popular items. Also great location right next to ferries and underneath trains and next to buses and taxis. This chemist also opens 7 days and very long hours. Personally, I now wouldn’t go anywhere else.” – Alexandra Vrachas