There comes a time where regular bug spray just won’t cut the mustard. When a pest problem becomes too large it’s always wise to get in contact with a professional in the field who knows what they’re doing, is effective at what they do, and can follow through with safety assurances for you and yours.

When it comes to the city of Melbourne, it’s not crazy to consider the fact that there are several pest issues that are prevalent, and there is also no shortage of solutions available to you as a consumer. Many of the services offer their own brand of pest control for a wide variety of different pests, the following 3 are based entirely on the breadth of coverage, efficacy, and overall service.

3 Best Pest Control Services in Melbourne

#1 Defender Pest ControlPest control Melbourne services

Defender Pest Control is one of the very best in the state of Victoria, let alone the city of Melbourne. Dealing with all types of creeps and critters that have the unfortunate reputation of stagnating in the home and its surrounds. Defender has a superior customer service and approach to their craft than any other service.

Their no-nonsense approach, commitment to transparency, and free quote are all signatures of a number one choice.

#2 PestAwayControl pests Melbourne

PestAway have a lot going for them in terms of pest control and maintenance of outbreaks. They certainly have the experience, with over 20 years in the field of specialised pest reduction measures.

They have a form that stacks up rather nicely as well, with a healthy array of follow-up brochures and information for home and business owners, a long list of positive testimonials, as well as no end of environmentally sound practices.

#3 Tom’s Pest ControlMelbourne services pest control

Tom’s Pest Control is another fine example of professionalism and expertise in their craft. They focus on the facts and getting the best deal possible for their range of clients in the Melbourne area. There’s an inspiring dose of optimism in their approach as well, free consultation, wide range of pest types in their coverage.

A bonus resides in their free resources for homeowners to get the job done themselves to a certain extent, which adds a layer of authenticity to their brand.