Paella is a highly beloved dish originating from the shores of Spain, with its incredible flavours and colours wowing crowds across the world. This dish comes with a party, traditionally with people circling around the pan filled with Paella and eating altogether. With its high popularity, this exotic cuisine has travelled across the globe and now to your very door in the comfort of your home. In this article, we will be unpacking all the ingredients to decipher the three best paella catering services in Sydney.

3 Best Paella Catering Services in Sydney

#1 Paella AmorSydney paella caterers

Paella Amor is run by the ultimate duo, Tim Darton and Alli Peter who decided to put their heads together to form a company with a passion of continuing the tradition of paella parties.

A unique offer that the other services don’t provide is options for every kind of dietary requirement whether or not you are vegetarian, vegan, gluten free, and so forth, allowing to accommodate to all your guests. They specialise in catering events offering paella dishes, tapas, and beverages to add onto the experience.

Darton has extensive training in the field, with a focus in knowing the ins and outs of cooking fresh seafood. Alli Peters has years of experience in customer service and events, knowing how to accommodate to the needs of their clients. Together they form something special dish!

#2 Tapas MarketPaella catering Sydney

Tapas Market offers more than just the quintessential paella dish but a range of tapas, canapes and desserts to wow your guests. Whether or not you are looking to astonish your family members, friends, customers, or colleagues to for an event.

Ranging from anniversary, parties to weddings, here is the perfect catering option to make sure all your guests are satisfied. With cuisines stemming not only from Spain but Asian all to Europe, there is something for everyone.

Bottom of Form

#3 Graz’n GourmetSydney catering services best paella

Your guests will definitely say grazie, after eating a bite of Graz’n Gourmet, the one-stop catering option for a Spanish fiesta. Ranging from their antipasto boards, finger foods, and salads, everyone will be coming back for seconds.

Graz‘n Gourmet will make sure your hosting will be the talk of the town!