The great natural breeze is something we all want to enjoy from the comfort of our own homes, there’s no greater sensation than sitting down for a meal or sipping a cup of tea on a wonderfully built and sustained piece of outdoor furniture and enjoy nature at its finest. One abundantly clear aspect to the enjoyment of these views is comfortable and reliable outdoor furniture.

Australia is certainly filled to the brim with a variety of views and wide-open spaces to enjoy the sunrise or sunset, share a meal in a summer afternoon or an intimate evening by candlelight on supportive and comfortable outdoor furniture. With so many options and views available, we were overwhelmed and simply had to determine where the finest examples of outdoor furniture could be found in the country.

Our team have tirelessly been collating our personal choices for the top outdoor furniture retailers in Australia, carefully selecting our choices based on a rigorous testing schedule and determining and basing it all on affordability and comfort – and everything in between.

Here Are Our Top 5 Choices For Outdoor Furniture Retailers In Australia

#1 Woodbury FurnitureTwo women sitting on their best Australian outdoor furniture with a guitar.

Woodbury Furniture is one of those unique retailers for outdoor furniture in that they’ve never sacrificed quality or assurance as they’ve steadily grown in the marketplace. Being established in 2005, the outdoor furniture retailer has been committed entirely to ensuring their principal ideology is maintained throughout every piece they release. With the simple notion of bringing people together, they have come up with some fantastical and high-quality designs that seem to seamlessly fit into any aesthetic we could imagine.

Their unique developed outdoor furniture designs are furthered dramatically by the materials they use for their products. Teak, one of the dominator materials in the field of outdoor furniture due to its natural elegance in design and ease of maintenance. Woodbury utilises this material exquisitely and to great effect across their versatile range which is dense to say the least.

We were most impressed with their ability to keep the business in the family for the better part of 16 years and still find their rise and claim to fame as being the top of the crop across a very competitive field. When buying outdoor furniture from them, you’re assuredly ensuring that no matter the style or texture of the outdoor furniture, you’ll be getting a high-quality and long-lasting piece to sit back, relax and enjoy the view.

#2 Outdoor EleganceAn Australian backyard with outdoor furniture.

Outdoor Elegance is one of those jacks of all trades when it comes to outdoor furniture. Housing a large and wide variety of different examples of fine furnishings for those wanting to enjoy their view with a bit of decadence. Their range consists of some impressively traditional styled open-air furnishings with a twist of sophistication layered throughout with some examples of stone and traditional timber chairs and amenities for the balcony and backyard.

The business is a little more high-priced compared to others on this list, what you’re paying for is certainly an investment – especially with some unique pieces such as the eco smart fire collection which is a functional little affair that will undoubtedly add a sense of sophistication and allure to any backyard its placed in. You’ve likely seen similar pieces on display in tropical locales around the islands and with COVID still keeping many wheels on the tarmac, it’s good to bring a slice of the tropics to you

#3 DomayneFurniture in a backyard outdoors in Australia.

Domayne may be the largest retailer on our list but considering the other worthy additions we left in the top 10 and 20 in lieu of the exclusive top 5 should be enough to convince you otherwise. This wonderfully unique and incredible online retailer is famous for its catchy jingles and wide range of available options to use in and around your home.

Their outdoor furniture options are quite impressive to say the least, this is mostly due to the incredible range that they have on offer and the often-changing seasonality of their supply allowing for winter and summer options for added convenience.

Being a behemoth outdoor furniture retailer, they do have some conveniences that are not afforded by the others on this list, their supply line is certainly one of their more attractive attributes – along with a much larger database, a larger variety of stores and warehousing more or less meaning that they are able to get orders out that little bit faster. While they cannot take as many risks being one of the larger players and have a lot of moving parts in the top brass of the company. This lends them to having some generic but still top-quality examples in their catalogue and have been quite responsive – even if they don’t always have that risqué touch.

#4 Bay GalleryA chair from an Australian outdoor furniture store.

Bay Gallery has an impressive little range of outdoor furniture that is remarkably versatile – the crux is it’s not for the light wallets amongst us. It’s quite pricey for many of these premium sets but you’re getting what you’re paying for in sophistication and style without a doubt. There’s many examples of some fine machinery at work here with a very classic wicker styles taking our attention. They are quite exclusive however and do have the high prices as we mentioned already, but if you can afford the investment, they’re always worth a try.

They were one of the first to take advantage of the online space for outdoor furniture and general furnishings being available online, which of course gives a little edge over competitors for delivery times and efficiency online. Their range can be a little short though which lends heavily to its placement on the list and there are some, but not enough unique style designs that we found for less elsewhere.  Sales are worth waiting for, if only for a perusal.

#5 Temple & WebsterA display of Australian outdoor furniture.

Temple & Webster are a smaller brand name than most on the list, but their deals were just too good to be true. A lot of art and dedication went into a lot of these designs and this particular one is perfect for those on a budget or looking to get more for less. Their range is especially what we’re putting them on the list for without a doubt. The price you pay for these outdoor furniture settings speaks for itself, being able to furnish an entire backyard for a fraction of the price of a regular outdoor furniture display found in the major retailers is tempting enough.

Temple & Webster have a very large range in general, not just in outdoor furniture but in the general realm of furnishings and homewares – over 180,000 products in fact – which explains their incredible range and low price. While they may not all be works of art – we have found many gems hidden away between the ferns of this site in particular.

A Few Tips For Buying Outdoor Furniture

We thought we’d share some of our favourite tips for buying outdoor furniture especially online. While finding a store that sells the best products is an essential first step, there are several other factors to consider before you make your purchase.

Check Your SpaceAustralian top outdoor furniture space.

While these retailers all get our seal of approval, it’s always advisable to ensure that you’re checking for spatial requirements and size. Every backyard and balcony is different so ensuring you’re looking at the right size is imperative when shopping for online outdoor furniture.

Visit a Showroom

Another caveat is the style aesthetic, while there may be photos online, the best examples of outdoor furniture retailers will have a showroom of some kind that shows off a few of their wares in person, taking the time to visit one of these showrooms before purchasing is a wonderful idea to see for yourself if this particular style is right for you.

Check with Your Landlord

If you’re renting your home and looking to bolster up your outdoor furniture reserve, the best course of action is to first check with your landlord to ensure you are allowed to add the outdoor furniture in the first place. This is particularly relevant if you’re considering adding an eco fireplace or something that involves electronics and may require the adequate approval from your landlord or real estate agent.

Choose Your Colour PaletteAn outdoor pool with best Australian furniture.

Another thing to consider when shopping for outdoor furniture is colour. One of the biggest benefits of the products is that they can either stylishlyly blend into your outdoor setting or add an eye catching pop of colour. Neutral colours and classic wood designs are often best for the natural environment of the outdoors. Decide what goes best with your house and your garden and use the palette to narrow down the options.


Buying outdoor furniture can be a lot of fun but it is also something that you should plan carefully. The most important thing to do is buy your products from a high quality store. Once you have selected a store, you can consider the opportunities and the limitations of your home to finalise your options and customise your outdoor area to suit your taste.