There’s no shortage of ways to ensure you get your calcium intake in a convenient manner. For many people, a good and trustworthy milk powder is often a good emergency supply to have for a rainy day, others have touted that their dairy milk powder contains some enhancements and natural vitamins and minerals that are not typically found in store-bought milk.

For Victoria, there are a lot of local and worthwhile alternatives to the carton of Woolies milk. Customers always want the freshest possible produce from local and sustainable providers and with milk powder producers are on the rise, and these three companies are a cut above the rest.

3 Best Milk Powder Producers in Victoria

#1 KVL WellnessVictoria milk powder

KVL Wellness is certainly a unique brand when it comes to milk powders and alternatives to the normal. Starting as a fully-fledged formula company, they have since been adopted for use in people of all ages. Their product is a lactoferrin based and locally made in the Melbourne area.

Whether it’s for yourself or for a loved one, such as a newborn, there is no substitute for quality and KVL Wellness have that brand managed rather well.

#2 Australian Dairy GoodsProducer Victoria milk powder

Australian Dairy Goods, or ADG for short have their focus supremely on the range that they can offer. While KVL have a revolutionary product on their hands, ADG have their hand in more typical avenues of milk powders, covering anything from proteins, buttermilk powder, skim powder etc.

All locally sourced from Victoria for fast and efficient delivery to the area, the quality of their prices and customer service cannot be overstated.

#3 Camel Milk Co.

Powdered milk Victoria

Camel Milk Co. is truly a defining company in terms of separating themselves from the pack. Being a Victorian based camel dairy is no small feat, and they’ve managed to sustainably milk camels to garner a vitamin enriched source of alternative milk products to be made available.

Their milk powder varieties may be costly, but the vitamin enhancements you receive as a result of making the switch and their marketing tactics