Below is a list of the top and leading Medical Malpractice Lawyers in Sydney. To help you find the best Medical Malpractice Lawyers located near you in Sydney, we put together our own list based on this rating points list.

Sydney’s Best Medical Malpractice Lawyers:

The top-rated Medical Malpractice Lawyers in Sydney are:

  • BPC Lawyers – Sydney’s most awarded personal injury law firm
  • CMC Compensation Lawyers ­– have a strong history of successful medical negligence claim settlements
  • Schreuders – gets you the compensation you deserve
  • NSW Compensation Lawyers ­– delivers professional service with respect and understanding
  • LHD Lawyers – committed to protecting your rights and entitlements

BPC Lawyers

bpc lawyers in sydney

BPC Lawyers is said to be the most awarded personal injury firm in the region. When it comes to problems with NSW’s public health system, their lawyers are here to help you. These professionals are at the forefront of medical litigation and have been representing numerous victims and families.

The firm’s senior partner, Courtenay Poulden, has been quoted several times in the media regarding medical malpractice cases. He has represented many families that have been treated unfairly at Camden and Campbelltown Hospitals. He has also taken part in cases where the quality of mental health care in NSW was questioned.


Medical Negligence Representation and Claims, Personal Injury


Address: 18/201 Elizabeth St, Sydney NSW 2000
Phone: (02) 8280 6900


“Courtenay Poulden is an absolute professional and treated me with respect and courtesy at all times. His advice and recommendations were always sound. I felt involved in every part of the process and I never felt uninformed. BPC is very fortunate to have Lyn Vaughan and Kim Williams as part of the support team. I would not hesitate to recommend Courtenay and his team .” – Stephanie Vass

CMC Compensation Lawyers

cmc lawyers in sydney

CMC Compensation Lawyers also has a strong record in medical negligence settlement wins. Their firm provides personal and compassionate treatment towards their client. They are ready to help you claim your rightful compensation. For over the past 20 years, they have been settling medical insurance claims for their clients.

The firm’s dedicated financial, legal, and medical expertise are right at your disposal. If you have experienced a loss of earnings and life quality, they are here to help you. Their team of experts provides legal advice on whether or not your claim is successful. It is they will guide you through the right course of legal action.


Medical Negligence Representation and Claims, Financial Resources


Address: 8/31 Market St, Sydney NSW 2000
Phone: 1800 448 955


“Great firm, cares about clients and goes above and beyond to get results.” – Rani


schreuders lawyers in sydney

Schreuders comes next on the list. Their expert team of lawyers takes the time to understand your legal concerns so that they can bring you the results you deserve. They guarantee you personalized service throughout your whole journey with them. Additionally, their firm has a 95% success rate.

Once you choose their firm, you will be given a free case assessment. After which, they will present a strong case for you and begin negotiations. Their experience and expertise will help you get the compensation you deserve. More importantly, you will only pay for their services when you win your case.


No-Win-No-Fee Policy, Compensation Cases


Address: Suite 402 Level 4/5 Hunter St, Sydney NSW 2000
Phone: (02) 9261 1799


“I recommend Schreuder’s compensation lawyers to everyone because they work hard on anyone’s case and they do a tremendous job of getting the right and the best amount of compensation money, the person’s deserve. I also thank Kushal, who was my solicitor because he has done his best to help me out going through this case.” – Khalil Shnoudi

NSW Compensation Lawyers

compensation lawyers in sydney

NSW Compensation Lawyers are your trusted specialists in medical law. They break down your legal case for you to see if you are entitled to just compensation. They are the best in obtaining a detailed medical history and other vital information for your case.

You will receive obligation-free advice from this law firm. That means you will have no upfront costs. This firm also follows the no-win-no-fee policy. Truly, you can depend on this group of professionals to get the compensation you deserve. You can expect that they will respond to your personal circumstances and put your interests at heart.


Medical Negligence Claims, Compensation Cases, Free Assessment


Address: 4/7 Secant St, Liverpool NSW 2170
Phone: 1300 550 410


“Thanks to Vic and his team I was awarded a fair and reasonable payout. The financial compensation was less important to me than getting justice of what happened…and in the end, I got both. Their expertise, professionalism, and support, from the start until the end, is something I’m forever grateful for. With their help, I can finally rebuild my life and put the past behind me. Thank you NSW Compensation Lawyers!” – Alison Cullen

LHD Lawyers

lhd lawyers in sydney

LHD Lawyers finally completes. Their lawyers and solicitors are committed to protecting your rights. You can count on these lawyers who specialize in personal injury and compensation services.

Like the other law firms on the list, they follow the no-win-no-fee policy. For over 30 years, these passionate individuals have helped people get their lives back. They take the time to know you and your case personally so that they can deliver the results you deserve. This firm also maximizes its use of technology. Their free case tracker app keeps you updated on all the relevant information about your case.


Compensation Cases, Free Case Tracker App


Address: 8/151 Castlereagh St, Sydney NSW 2000
Phone: 1800 455 725


“Great service from start to finish. The team at LHD is second to none and is very professional. Highly recommended!” – Katie Bolton