Eyelash extensions is a beauty trend on the rise with more and more celebrities adorning on the bolded eye look. With this in mind, there are many places to go to get the widely popular treatment.

The question is, where should you go to get the treatment. For those living in the beautiful city of Sydney, here is a list of the three top lash extension parlours in the region. In this way, you will be closer to cutting your make up routine in half without having to input false eyelashes each and every time.

3 Best Lash Extension Specialists in Sydney

#1 Lash BlossomLash extension best Sydney specialist

First on the list is Lash Blossom, a deluxe boutique (more like beautique) that specialises in everything eyelashes. Whether you are looking to lengthen or lift up your eyelashes, their incredible knowledgeable and experienced beauticians will find the most suitable treatment for you.

Every person is different, whether it is their face shape, eye shape, and overall complexion. Their experts will carefully create an eye look that is customised based on your own shape, as if it was tailormade for you.

In addition to their eyelash services, Lash Blossom also have eyebrow shaping treatments, giving you more beauty options for treatments at this parlour.

#2 Lady LashLash extensions specialist Sydney

Lady Lash is next on the list, a salon that is more than meets the eye with their incredible lash beauticians. This parlour is beloved with three branches stretched across Sydney in Gosford, Newtown, and Parramatta.

Their cosmeticians ensure a good experience, making sure they have a treatment that is the best possible for each of their clients. They have ranges of lash extensions for everyday wear to a nighttime event, allowing you to bring your eyes to the occasion.

#3 Gorgeous LashSydney lash extensions

And finally, here is Gorgeous Lash, a beauty parlour that to describe says it all in the name. You will find yourself with one of the most captivating eye looks to ever adorn.

Each of their mould and curate an eyelash shape that is sculpted to perfection. Lash it out with Gorgeous Lash at your side!