Below is a list of the top and leading Landmarks in Newcastle. To help you find the best Landmarks located near you in Newcastle, we put together our own list based on this rating points list.

Newcastle’s Best Landmarks:

The top-rated Landmarks in Newcastle are:

  • Newcastle War Memorial Cultural Centre – an architectural beauty in Newcastle
  • The Res – an underground drinking water reservoir
  • Fort Scratchley – a former coastal defense installation
  • Newcastle Museum – originally a major Bicentennial project
  • Blackbutt Nature Reserve – has an undulating natural environment

Newcastle War Memorial Cultural Centre

cultural center in newcastle

Newcastle War Memorial Cultural Centre comes first up on our list. This cultural center opened its doors to the public in October 1957. This was originally the home of Newcastle’s art gallery, conservatorium of music, and public library.

Truly, locals and visitors can see that this war memorial is of architectural beauty and practical use to the members of the community. The two statues you can see in the foyer are designed by renowned Lyndon Dadswell. Its inscription above its heads reads “In minds enobled here, the noble dead shall live.”


Cultural Center, Conservatorium, Gallery


Address: 15 Laman St, Newcastle NSW 2300
Phone: (02) 4974 5342


“In the center of Newcastle, close beach, there is a War Memorial Center. It’s a large building to remember warriors.” – John Chen

The Res

the res in newcastle

The Res is another landmark that you must surely visit in the city. This was built way back in 1882. It held the first every drinking water that the people of Newcastle depended upon. This water was pumped from Walka Water, which is near Maitland.

Over fifty years ago, the Res was drained and closed. After that, it was re-opened to the public for exploration. Truly, this historical landmark paved the way for how locals use and drink water today.


Underground Drinking Water


Address: 51 Brown St, The Hill NSW 2300
Phone: 1300 657 657


“Astonishing history; amazing effort considering the era” – Partheeva Dhakappa

Fort Scratchley

fort scatchley in newcastle

Fort Scratchley comes next on our list. This landmark was a former coastal defense installation. It was built back in 1882 to defend the city from possible Russian attacks during the war. However, its guns were not put to use until June 1942, when a Japanese submarine shelled the city of Newcastle.

At present, Fort Scratchley is a well-known interactive museum. You can enjoy guided tours inside the museum that are led by volunteers. You can even opt to freely explore this historical landmark at your own pace. Take a look at its astounding and extensive underground tunnel complex!


Interactive Museum, Tours, and more


Address: 1/3 Nobbys Rd, Newcastle East NSW 2300
Phone: (02) 4929 3066


“Such a well kept museum, with covid friendly mini-tours. The volunteers are very friendly and knowledgeable.” – Yvonne Birch

Newcastle Museum

newcastle museum

Newcastle Museum is another must-see landmark in the region. This was originally founded as a major Bicentennial project in 1988. It has then been relocated to the Honeysuckle Railway Workshops since August 2011.

Additionally, it was formerly known as the Castlemaine Brewery. This was from 1988 until 2008 when the brewery closed so that the famous museum we know of today could be built. Here, you will indulge in a unique architectural art experience. You will find three historical buildings here, namely the Locomotive Boiler Shop, New Erecting Shop, and Blacksmith and Wheel Shop.


Museum Tours, Event Hire, Exhibition Spaces


Address: 6 Workshop Way, Newcastle NSW 2300
Phone: (02) 4974 1400


“Cool little museum that covers everything Newcastle. We loved it. Great venue. Well maintained. Lovely staff. Free entry. They had a solid covid safe plan in place. Highly recommended if you are visiting Newcastle.” – Sifi

Blackbutt Nature Reserve

blackbutt reserve in newcastle

Finally, Blackbutt Nature Reserve completes our list. This is truly one of Australia’s finest landmarks. If you want to enjoy a natural preserve that features native wildlife, this is the place for you.

Here, prepare to find amazement in the landmark’s 182 hectares of natural bushland. You and your family can enjoy nature trails, wildlife exhibits, and more. Your children will surely enjoy the playgrounds here. Get to learn about the diverse range of habitats and ecosystems here. When the weather is just right, you can set up a picnic too!


Wildlife Exhibits, Nature Trails, Playgrounds, and more


Address: Carnley Ave, Kotara NSW 2289
Phone: (02) 4904 3344


“My kids enjoyed the park, it’s really beautiful. I don’t like that you have to pay for parking, that’s a joke. We really love visiting this place.” – Kaylene Conway