The inner west is filled with all sorts of miniature cultural hubs, the most infamous of course being Leichhardt, the little Italy of the inner west. Culturally significant to the land of pizza and pasta, Leichhardt has many well-established Italian families with their own unique flair and flavour canvassing the area.

Walking through the Italian suburb, you’ll be hard pressed NOT to find an Italian restaurant within earshot. As such, there should be some way of knowing which Italian restaurants are there for the authentic experience, and which ones are simply cashing in.

These 3 were chosen for their taste, authenticity, and overall Italian traditional vibe.

3 Best and Finest Italian Restaurants in Leichhardt

#1 Capriccio OsteriaItalian restaurants Leichhardt best

Capriccio Osteria is the height of Italian authenticity in the crowded suburb of Leichhardt. Located on the infamous Norton Street strip, this slice of southern Italy boasts a wide array of fresh and seasonal choices for those looking for an authentic Italian meal with a twist.

Run by a partner team, the menu at Capriccio is in constant seasonal fluctuations, ensuring that every time you walk through their doors, you are getting a unique and different experience. Their Al Fresco dining options and flexible booking system is also cause for celebration.

#2 Moretti RistoranteRestaurants in Leichhardt Italian

Moretti Ristorante has a wonderful reputation in the Italian community. Mostly for providing fresh and authentic Italian meals at a decent all-round price. Their attention to detail when it comes to keeping things traditional is a necessity considering the area they reside in.

The team of chefs were hand-selected, and the menu offerings are ranged enough to merit multiple visits. Plus, they do have imported Italian wine so, bonus points there.

#3 Mario’s Pizza BarFine Italian restaurant Leichhardt

The classic reborn time and time again with Mario’s Pizza Bar. This little slice of Italy has been on Norton Street for some time and has perfected the noble and ancient art of pizza-making. While their range is quite limited, they manage to get the pizza aspect done in a way that outweighs their lack of variety.

When the pizza is this good, what else would you need?