Investing in property can be a beneficial and safe method of enhancing your income. However, there is no “hard and fast” rule for making money via investment properties, so using a random guide off the internet probably won’t get you very far.

In fact, it’s in your best interest to reach out to a professional firm who can provide you with the most current information and advice about property investments. Thankfully, we’ve compiled a shortened list on the top 5 best investment consultancy firms going around, based on this rating points list.

#1 Positive Property Solution Australia

Positive Property Solution Australia

Led by George Markoski, Positive Property Solution Australia provides some of the most comprehensive and beneficial resources for property investors. If you aim to invest in strategies that are low risk, safe and proven in generating a positive return, then Positive Property Solution is the firm for you. The last thing you want to do is try to get rich quick, blow a lot of money and be left in a vulnerable financial position trying to cover your losses. If you need a little guidance and support because you’re new to the industry, you can’t go past our number 1 entry!

#2 Empower Wealth Advisory

Empower Wealth Advisory

Coming in at number 2 on our list is Empower Wealth Advisory. With over 3 000 satisfied clients and growing, Empower Wealth is one of the pre-eminent investment property advisors in Australia. Their diverse range of services are perfect for first-time investors, young professionals, experienced investors and even young families with children looking to improve their wealth for the future.

#3 Freedom Property Investors

Freedom Property Investors

Freedom Property Investors base their decisions on a highly sophisticated approach and research methodologies that are accessible to the general public. They use a comprehensive 13-point selection checklist to ensure their clients pick the most lucrative and reliable properties, given their investment stance.

#4 Binnari Property

Binnari Property

Binnari Property consists of a reliable team of qualified professionals willing to help everyone and anyone in need of property investment advice. Led by managing director, David Hancock, the company is continually updating their analysis of the residential property market to ensure that their clients get the best investment opportunities for their portfolios.

#5 Vertua Management

Vertua Management

Topping off our list of the top 5 best investment property consulting firms is Vertua Management. Their mission has always been to provide its customers with the best available investment property opportunities while diversifying their portfolio and decreasing any risks. With a comprehensive team of more than 100 people, Vertua Management is undoubtedly one of the best investment providers in the country.